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Patch Notes 71 – Race Against Time

The clock is ticking – are you ready for the ultimate race against time? From Thursday, 12th July, patch 71 challenges you with two additional instances and legendary Guardian Legion missions!

There’s also the Festival of the Sun and many more events.

Dreadspire: All New! 

This challenge really packs a punch: Fight your way through 10 floors full of brutal bosses in the new version of the Dreadspire. The time pressure is immense and the fight to survive becomes more merciless with every floor. Only the very strongest can prove themselves under these conditions!

  • For 5-player groups
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members
  • Shown in the ranking

Failures and Entries

If you fail a dungeon attempt, you will have to reset the instance and start from the beginning (as a TERA Club member you have 2 daily entries).

A dungeon attempt will be deemed a failure and thus over if one of the following occurs:

  • Your party has no survivors left (“wipe”)
  • You do not manage to kill a boss within 10 minutes
  • You fail an important boss mechanic


Your rank is made up of the total time required and the floor you were able to complete successfully.

  • So, if you defeat the first boss in 5 minutes and the second one in 8 minutes, your rank will say “Boss 2 defeated, 13 minutes in total”


The new Dreadspire rewards keen adventurers with various items – including the Helmet and Armor of Illusion, the exclusive new costume set!

On each floor you’ll also have the chance to obtain various items. 

Note: In addition to the listed rewards, there will also be regional loot. We’ll also fortify you with regional buffs for this special challenge. You’ll receive the details in a separate announcement.

  • Floor 1 to 4 – chance to get the following items:
    • Helmet of Illusion (7 Days)
  • Floor 5 – chance to get the following items:
    • Helmet of Illusion (Permanent)
    • Precisely Carved Adornment
    • Blood-stained Metal
    • Otherworldly Shard
    • Enlightenment Powder
    • Mystic Potion
    • Veilthroch
    • 22,500 Gold
  • Floor 6 to 9 – chance to get the following items:
    • Armor of Illusion (7 Days)
  • Floor 10 – chance to get the following items:
    • Armor of Illusion (Permanent)
    • Precisely Carved Adornment
    • Blood-stained Metal
    • Otherworldly Shard
    • Enlightenment Powder
    • 2x Veilthroch
    • 22,500 Gold


Another familiar dungeon is returning! Will you see through Manglemore’s lies again and emerge victorious from the battle?

  • For 5-player groups
  • Difficulty: 4 stars
  • Required item level: 439
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members

Rankings and Titles

In addition to the rankings for battlegrounds, rankings for dungeons were introduced in patch 69. Patch 71 is adding the Dreadspire to the rankings along with special new titles as rewards.

The titles are awarded to the 3 best players of a battleground or dungeon and are kept for 28 days – an entire season.

1st place in PvP (completely highlighted with red flames):

  • Champions' Skyring: Mighty Fighting Spirit Guardian
  • Fraywind Canyon: Mighty Honor Guardian
  • Corsairs' Stronghold: Mighty Artillery Guardian

2nd and 3rd place in PvP (half-highlighted with red flames):

  • Champions' Skyring: Fighting Spirit Guardian
  • Fraywind Canyon: Honor Guardian
  • Corsairs' Stronghold: Artillery Guardian

1st place in PvE (completely highlighted with blue flames):

  • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard): Abyss Guardian
  • Pit of Petrax: Vault Trainer
  • Dreadspire: Illusion Slayer

2nd and 3rd place in PvE (half-highlighted with blue flames):

  • Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard): Stared into the Abyss
  • Pit of Petrax: Vault Assistant
  • Dreadspire: Illusion Killer

Note: With the release of patch 71, all existing rankings will be reset!


Arborea Guardian Mission

Grasping Claws of Vengeance.

A new type of Guardian Mission has been added – a legendary battle against Est and Ost, and then a confrontation with Magnuut. Join the mission in Velika!

Changes to Existing Missions

  • Adjusted various texts
  • Various improvements to the presentation of rewards
  • Adjusted Hurricane damage
  • Adjusted the HP of various monsters
  • Adjusted the scaling of damage for various classes


Other Changes 

  • Adjusted guild change: Once a player leaves a guild, there is a cooldown of 2 days until they can join another guild.

  • Added extra NPCs to Stepstone Isle
  • New underwear was added to the laundry basket. The following new stats are possible:
    • Increases critical hit factor by 28.
    • Increases power by 14.
    • Increases endurance by 14. 
    • Restores 210 MP every 5 seconds.
    • Increases maximum HP by 11%.
  • Removal of Dreamer's Tokens from all inventory spaces