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Patch Notes 74 – Old Enemies

Blood and shadows, sinister experiments and an evil tyrant – the Shadow Sanguinary reopens its gates! With the launch of patch 74 on Tuesday, 11th September you must draw your weapons and face the Magus Imperator once more to earn fantastic new loot!

You can also look forward to new wind in the TERA Club’s sails, changes to flying guardian missions and new equipment items.



  • The Shadow Sanguinary reopens its gates – deadlier than ever!
    • For 5-player groups
    • From level 65
    • Min. required item level 446 (5 stars) or 439 (4 stars)
    • 1 daily entry (2 for club members)
    • Loot Dakuryon’s Hammer, for example, to get a chance to upgrade your brooches to a Quatrefoil Brooch at lesser costs
    • Get new tokens through Vanguard Initiative quests for magnificent rewards
  • Demon’s Wheel closes its doors
  • Dreadspire:
    • Changed rewards for level 1-5
    • Instance Reset Scroll now available for 1,000 reputation points from the Vanguard Initiative
  • All 5-star dungeons now contain enhancement materials for your Heroic Oath gear



Added 10 new prequel quests to the “The Two Banquets” quest line for Apex skills. The first quest starts in Highwatch from item level 428.


Guardian Legion Missions

The Rhapsody of Wind and Fire adjustments:

  • Added explosion effect when desert wights are defeated
  • Desert wights disappear soon after the skywhale appears
  • The third phase of the mission starts sooner

Search and Destroy more balanced:

  • Firing interval against Alien Scouts reduced from 0.5 to 0.4 seconds
  • Increased Spark Generator charging speed
  • Spark Overcharge: Chance of increasing your flying speed by 50% when picking up sparks (without recharging flight energy)
  • Increased flight energy earned from sparks from 100 to 150
  • Adjusted flight energy costs
    • Reduced cost to shoot at Alien Scouts from 50 to 25
    • Reduced cost to shoot at the Alien Mothership from 200 to 75

Both flying missions now have a tooltip indicating that they only start in channels 1-3



  • Battleground rewards
    • The Gridiron Medal Shop carries all four versions of the Onset Mask


Class Skills


  • Mana Infusion
    • Reduced casting time by 2 seconds
    • Increased MP regeneration from 100 to 500 per second
    • Decreased effect duration from 20 to 10 seconds
    • Increased cooldown from 10 to 20 seconds
    • Effect is no longer canceled when an attack is performed


  • Thunder Strike
    • Reduced PvP attack power by 5%


  • Energy Rush
    • Chance to crit is now increased by 25% as stated in the tooltip


  • Shadow Reaping
    • Reduced cooldown from 120 to 90 seconds
  •  Quick Shadow Reaping
    • Reduced attack speed bonus from 5% to 4%


Item Changes

  • Added new gear
    • Heroic Oath Belt
    • Ethereal Jewelry
  • Added new enchantment materials
    • Dragon Skull
    • Scavenged Supplies
    • Devil’s Claws
  • Added new version of Bravery Potion
    • Cooldown: 20 minutes
    • Adjusted Vanguard Initiative rewards
    • Old Bravery Potion remains as (Old) Bravery Potion
  • Adjusted tooltip for gear enhancement
    • The effect of max. item XP is now displayed


Changes to the TERA Club

  • New Club mount: Spectral Tail
    • Take to the skies on the back of this mighty riding wolf!
  • New pet: Dragonette
    • This loyal dragon automatically gathers your loot for you.
  • Removed 100% Gold Hunter Boost