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Patch Notes 75 – Rising from the Shadows

Unleash your true strength! Soon, you’ll be able to try out a bunch of improvements: Apex skills for 6 classes, 2 brand new dungeons, the improved game UI, the dungeon mentoring system, the next enchantment level for gear and plenty more! 


The following 6 classes receive Apex skills:

  • Sorcerer
  • Archer 
  • Reaper
  • Gunner
  • Ninja
  • Valkyrie

Starting at item level 428 you can get started on your main quest series for awakening. To unlock the Apex skills, the following requirements have to be met:

  • You must have reached level 65
  • Your item level must be at least 439 (roughly equivalent to the Frostmetal set)
  • You play through the quest chain that sends you automatically to Braga in Highwatch. This allows you to take part in the festival to Velika, experiencing the story behind the festival and learning about your new skills.

You can view a more detailed overview of your new and mighty skills in our Preview: Awakening and new UI


Further Class Changes

6 Awoken Classes

  • Classes that receive their Apex skills with this update give passive power boosts that should help them equate to the level of the classes that are already awoken. All classes (except Mystic).
    • Recommended Glyphs adjusted
    • Recommended Chain Skills adjusted



The new update lets Heroic Oath gear be enchanted to level +2. You will need the following new materials to do this:

  • Precious Rare Metal
  • Dragon Bow
  • Weight
  • Holy Hammer

These items can be looted in 5 star dungeons from patch 75 onwards. Please note that you will not be able to continue collecting equipment experience after a set upper limit.



New Dungeons

In two spectacular new dungeons you can live the stories of Elleon’s brother Leander and face powerful foes. The Dark Reach Citadel and Grotto of Lost Souls wait to be conquered in both the normal and difficult versions.

Other Changes

  • Shadow Sanguinary closes its gates
  • Rewards of some existing dungeons adjusted to account for the new Apex skills


Reworked Interface

Clearer, tidier and streamlined: TERAs game UI has been given a full refresh and is now much more modern. Alongside the newly created health and mana point display, this includes improved skill bars, and sleeker menu, reworked enemy displays and much more.

You can find more details in our Preview: Awakening and new UI.


Dungeon Mentoring 

Support inexperienced players and reap the rewards! Here’s how the new system works: 

  • With less than 5 completed dungeon completions and an age of less than 30 days or returner status, you will count as a Rookie. 
  • If Rookies and experienced players complete a dungeon together, the Rookies can give praise to the experienced players at the end. 
  • This only applies for groups who can be found through the Dungeon Finder.
  • Praise is rewarded with items: