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Patch Notes 76 – Evolution of Flame

Tuesday, 13th November sees the release of patch 76, introducing the talent system, Bahaar’s Sanctum and the Elin Brawler. Check it out and explore your full potential!


New Contents

Talent System

The long-awaited talent system hits our servers with the release of patch 76.

  • EP XP is shared by all of your account’s characters on the server
  • EP XP can be earned from level 65 for Vanguard Initiative quests
  • EP points earned can be used to unlock powerful improvements for your characters
  • More details on the talent system can be found in our preview

Elin Brawler

  • The Brawler class is now available for Elins in addition to Humans
  • All existing Brawler costumes which are available for Fashion Coupons can also be worn by Elins
  • As of patch 76, it is not yet possible to use a Race Change Voucher to transform a Human Brawler into an Elin, however this will become possible at a later date

Additional Character Slot

  • Patch 76 increases the maximum number of character slots per server from 20 to 21

Pick up your free slot:

IMPORTANT: Players are currently only able to unlock 20 slots per server, but a 21st slot will become available with the release of patch 76. If you currently have 20 character slots, please do not use the coupon before patch 76 has been released, otherwise your coupon may disappear without effect!

Here’s how:

  • Log into the website or the game.
  • Open the TERA Shop and select the character you’d like to receive the coupon with.
  • Click on the three bars in the top right and select “Redeem code”.
  • Now enter the code below. Your additional character slot will be sent to you within seconds


New Dungeon

Daring heroes can enter the newly opened Bahaar’s Sanctum and confront the God of Fire himself!

  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal in Fyrmount, Ostgarath
  • From level 65
  • Min. required item level 456 (5 stars)
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members
  • The best party in the rankings will be immortalized for the new season with statues placed on the edge of the crater!
    • The statue will reflect the character’s appearance when the server maintenance takes place at the end of the season
    • Limited adornments, excluding head size, will not be portrayed



The Abscess returns!

  • For 7-player groups
  • Teleportal in Fyrmount, Ostgarath
  • From level 65
  • Min. required item level 412


Item Changes

  • Heroic Oath gear can now be enchanted to level +3
  • The effect of the Combat Accelerator Potion has been changed:
    • Increases your skill damage by 12.5% for 30 minutes


Battleground Changes

Kumas Royale

  • Reduced to 5 vs. 5
  • Halved health of mama kumas
  • Doubled health of baby kumases
  • Baby kumases are 50% bigger


Other Changes

  • Guardian Missions reduce your attack power if you complete the same mission multiple times in succession. As soon as you complete another Guardian Mission, this debuff disappears
  • Bamarama betting tickets are no longer tradeable
  • Added shortcut for toggling other players’ visual effects



  • We’re boosting EP XP to celebrate the talent system’s introduction!
    • You’ll earn 30% more EP XP until further notice
    • You’ll receive free EP XP boosters at the weekend until further notice. That way you can unlock and enjoy those new skills even more quickly
  • The League of Levelers is rewarding new recruits for leveling up until 20th November. If you reach level 64, you can even get your hands on a set of Twisthard gear!
  • The Astral Gifts event starts once more when the patch drops, and will remain active until Sunday, 18th November – with even better rewards for your online time!
  • Another event will follow the weekend after patch release – details to follow