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Patch Notes 79 – Battle for the Coast

Sun, sand, sea, and… action!  Patch 79 brings with it not only the personal Guardian Training Ground, but also exciting PvP additions with new gear and the tumultuous Shore Hold battleground.  

You can find out what there is to discover in the new patch from 22nd January here!

Guardian Training Ground

In this personal mini-dungeon, you can try out your gear:

• Access via Whurloc in Highwatch

• Magic stones at the start of the dungeon grant you priest and mystic buffs

• You can test your combat strength on a single boss monster

• An indicator counts your damage per second


New battleground added:

Shore Hold

• 7v7 battleground

• Hunt monsters and capture bases for victory points

Kumas Royale:

Combined the two battlegrounds so that characters of all levels can now join the same battleground

Added uniform gear for the following dungeons:

• Corsairs’ Stronghold

• Champions’ Skyring (Solo)

• Underground Battlepit

Added merchants:

• who sell potions and useful items for battlegrounds and guild wars for gold

New rewards table for battlegrounds:

Corsairs’ Stronghold:

• Victory:

135,000 Bellicarium Credits

4x Veteran’s Fragment Box

• Defeat:

45,000 Bellicarium Credits

2x Veteran’s Fragment Box

Underground Battlepit:


135,000 Bellicarium Credits

3x Veteran’s Fragment Box


45,000 Bellicarium Credits

1x Veteran’s Fragment Box

Shore Hold:


135,000 Bellicarium Credits

4x Veteran’s Plate Box


45,000 Bellicarium Credits

2x Veteran’s Plate Box

Champions’ Skyring:


13,500 Bellicarium Credits

4x Veteran’s Plate Box


4,500 Bellicarium Credits

2x Veteran’s Plate Box

New PvP Gear

• Added Disciplinary gear (Offensive set)

• Added Impregnable gear (Defensive set)

• Added Harmonic gear (Balanced set)

• Added Badge of Honor brooch (Can be improved to grade 5)

• Added new PvP underwear (Can be dismantled - Dismantled materials can be used to improve the underwear)

PvP gear (weapon, armor, gloves, shoes, brooch, underwear) can be purchased completely with Bellicarium Credits

• Added materials to improve PvP gear, which can be received from the new Veteran’s Fragment Box and Veteran’s Plate Box reward chests:

Azure Particle

Azure Plate

Violet Particle

Violet Plate

• PvP gear and weapons can be enchanted up to +9

• PvP gear now has a durability that may decrease if enchantment fails

Guild War

• Now takes places within Velika’s city walls

• Reduced minimum distance between towers

• Reduced construction radius for towers


The following dungeons are reopening their doors:

• Shadow Sanguinary

• Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)

• Velik’s Sanctuary

• Velik’s Sanctuary (Hard)

In Shadow Sanguinary, you can once again loot Dakuryon’s Hammer to improve your superior brooches.

The following dungeons are closing their doors:

• Harrowhold

• Dreadspire: Upper Levels

• The Shattered Fleet

Added loot:

Bahaar’s Sanctum

• Bahaar’s Maske

• Bahaar’s Amplifier for adding gear options to, for example, shoes and gloves

Antaroth’s Abyss (Hard)

• Dragon Skull

• Precious Rare Metal

• Dragon Bow

The Goddess’ Blessing effect has been removed from all dungeons.

User Interface

Optimized buttons in the inventory:

• Reduced to 3

• “Dismantle” and “Crystal Fusion” remain

• Added “Forge” with the subitems “Enchant”, “Upgrade”, and “Repair”.



Gust Arrow

• Increased Pvp damage


Combo Attack

• Hit zones of all races adapted relative to Elin hit zones

Fearsome Shout

• Can be refined

Lethal Strike

• Increased damage

• Reduced PvP damage

Reduced additional damage in relation to the character’s HP

• Added MP costs of 300

Triumphant Shout

• Reduced minimum effect from 6 to 5 seconds


One-inch Punch/Rhythmic Blows

• Reduced PvP damage


Balder’s Vengeance

• Increased PvP damage


• Added MP costs of 500

Mana Missiles/Remote Trigger/Burst Fire/Obliteration

• Reduced PvP damage

Arcane Barrage

• Reduced PvP damage

• Added MP costs of 150


• Super Leap

• Reduced PvP damage


Thrall of Life

• Directly heals party members

• Reduced summoning costs increased to 300 MP

Arunic Release

• Reduced PvP damage

Boomerang Pulse

• Increased PvP damage

Curse of Exhaustion/Curse of Confusion/Contagion

• Can be refined

Thrall of Vengeance/Summon: Thrall Lord

• Reduced PvP damage


Boomerang Shuriken

• Removed stagger effect

Inner Harmony

• Can be refined

Burning Heart/Quick Attack

• Reduced PvP damage


Words of Judgment

• Can be interrupted with Regression/Plague of Exhaustion

Final Reprisal

• Removed knockdown effect

• Increased PvP damage

Holy Burst/Shocking Implosion/Triple Nemesis/Zenobia’s Vortex

• Increased PvP damage


Sundering Strike/Shadow Burst/Retribution (2nd hit)

• Reduced PvP damage

Shadow Reaping

• Cooldown of Smite is not reduced or reset


Measured Slice

• Increased PvP damage

Decimate/Savage Strike/Unsheathe

• Reduced PvP damage


Burning Breath

• Can be refined

Flaming Barrage/Fusion/Void Pulse

• Reduced PvP damage

Hail Storm/Nova

• Increased chance to crit by 10%

Implosion/Ice Lance/Meteor Strike

• Increased PvP damage


Aerial Scythe

• Reduced PvP damage of the high cut and downward blow

Assault Stance

• Cannot be refined

Blade Frenzy/Blade Waltz

• Reduced PvP damage


• Increased damage

Tempest Aura

• Increased additional damage caused by Shadow of the Tempest


Dark Herald

• Decreased AoE from 12m to 8m


• Increased the time to activate the next attack from 5 to 7 seconds

Ground Bash

• Knocks down in PvP

Gungnir’s Bite

• Increased the time to activate the next attack from 3 to 4 seconds

• Increased the time to activate the 2nd hit from 6 to 7 seconds

Leaping Slash

• Does not knock down in PvP


• Removed cooldown effect for Bloodflower and Overhead Slash

Twilight Waltz

• Reduced PvP damage


• Sky Lotus Drink can no longer be used, but can only be sold to merchants

• Added Bellicarium merchants to Highwatch

• Added Rage indicator to boss monsters’ life bars