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Patch Notes 85 – Arkarp Infiltration

New dungeons, spy reports, and more: the new patch is hitting the servers on 27th August and, alongside various improvements and new content, we’ll be bringing you 4 event dungeons in one sweep. Are you ready? Please note that some of the names in the following patch notes are subject to change and may differ in the final version.


Content Overview

  • Arkarp Vault
  • Event: Demon’s Wheel
  • New Spy Reports
  • Secret Traveling Traders
  • Improvements to the Interface
  • Event Dungeons
  • Other Changes


Arkarp Vault

Battle your way through the hordes of vault dwellers! Defeating level 65+ opponents in the open world gives you a small chance of summoning a caiman. Defeat it and with a bit of luck the teleportal to the new instance will open!

Full details can be found in our preview: [LINK].


Event: Demon’s Wheel

Demon’s Wheel is reopening its doors while patch 85 is live – this time in tandem with a special event.

Instance info:

  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal at Allemantheia Outskirts
  • Accessible from level 65
  • Designed for item level 446
  • Can be entered via group matching
  • 40 weekly entries (80 for Club members)
  • Entry costs 145 Adventure Coins
  • 50%/100% more loot when 4/5 players are in the group

Possible loot

  • Devil’s Claws
  • Dragon Skull
  • Archdevan Formula
  • Carved Ornament
  • Otherworldly Shard
  • [Event] Demoros’ Old Chest

Daily quest

  • Designed for item level 446
  • Reward per dungeon completion:
    • 11,203,920 experience points
    • 2,500 Gold
    • 60 Vanguard Initiative Credits
    • 60x Noctenium Infusion
    • EP XP++
    • 1,050 item XP

Event details

You will receive 10 special keys each day by mail. Each time you successfully complete Demon’s Wheel, you will be rewarded with a chest that you can open with one of these keys.

Among others, the following rewards can be found in the chest:

  • Skill advancement XP
  • Booster meals for improved stats
  • Amplifier I and II
  • … and much more

The event will run for a total of 4 weeks from the opening of the dungeon.


New Spy Reports

Like with Naslow’s treasure maps, you can also go treasure hunting with spy reports! The left and right halves of the spy reports can be looted from dungeons.

You can find more details in our preview: [LINK].


Secret Traveling Traders

The traveling traders are waiting for you the in four capitals and spread around the open world, with special goods to sell. Their numbers are limited – sometimes per player, sometimes even per server! – so the offer changes regularly.

To purchase goods from these merchants you’ll need Goblin Smugglers’ League coins, which can be obtained as rewards from the Ghillieglade, Corsairs' Stronghold, Shore Hold and in all 435 ilvl dungeons and higher.


Improvements to the Interface

Additional inventory slots, an overhauled inventory sorting system, and many more improvements – TERA’s interface has received an extensive makeover. Full details can be found in the preview: [LINK].


Event Dungeons

And once more it’s “Extreme Challenge, Extreme Loot” time! The following instances are returning as extreme dungeons while patch 85 is live:

  • Rift’s Edge (Normal & Hard)
  • Kelsaik’s Raid
  • Dreadspire


Full details on these instances as well as their plentiful loot can be found in this document: LINK (Verlinkung zum Google-Dienst für Tabellen außerhalb von Gameforge).


Other Changes


It is now possible to alter the appearance of your partners and pets with special items from the TERA Shop:

  • New costumes for partners that they can wear like the costumes for your character
  • A new coupon that allows you to transfer the appearance of an existing partner or pet to another.
    • So now you can make your partner look permanently like Ser Picks-a-lot, for example!


  • Propulsion (Passive)
    • Whirlwind now reduces the cooldown of Measured Slice through a normal strike.
  • Overhand Strike: Focus (Passive)
    • Damage per stack increased from 1% to 2%; maximum increased from 15% to 30%
  • Decimate
    • Damage increased by 10%


  • Additional opponents placed in various areas
  • Difficulty of some opponents in the open world reduced slightly



  • Manglemire is closing its doors
  • Dungeon beginners now receive the corresponding blessing in instances for the first 10 completions (previously for 5 completions).
  • Further battleground group matching improvements
  • Adjusted the number of thieves/bananas for one of the daily quests