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Patchnotes 21.13.01 – The Corsairs’ Stronghold

A general note for this patch:
With this update, a lot of the content which is available in Korea and/or other regions may already be in the game, but is currently turned off. It is possible that certain objects and building of future content may already be visible (e.g. Alliance buildings, summer event related objects) but cannot be interacted with. This content will be activated once all the translations and/or verifications have successfully been made, and more details on these will follow in future patch notes.
Corsairs’ Stronghold – 20 vs 20 battleground addition
  • With this update, the 20 vs 20 battleground featuring siege weapons will be introduced.
    • We’ve composed a guide explaining the different icons and workings of this battleground, which you can consult here.
  • Players can queue for this battleground starting with characters at level 30.
    • Players will be level 60 when entering the battleground and all the armour is equalized in the Corsairs’ Stronghold, meaning the stats are the same.
    • Players will keep their skills and glyphs they have bought up to that point, but will not get additional ones when entering the battleground.
    • Players between level 30 and 59 will gain EXP points for each match they partake in. The amount of points depends on the personal performance as well as the outcome of the match.
  • Four new quests have been introduced, for level 30, 40 and 50 players, as well as a daily quest for level 60 players.
  • Matches reward players with Bellicarium credits, gold and experience points. Winning or losing a match also affects the character’s personal rating, which is being used to match players of the same strength.
    • After three won games, players get an additional “Victor’s Spoils”
    • After three lost games, players get an additional “Challenger’s Aide”
  • Achievements have been introduced for the Corsairs’ Stronghold.
    • Players that have won 150 matches will get the “Black Pearl” mount.

General battleground changes
  • Leaving a battleground now resets the “Battle Worn” achievement.
  • Battleground seasons are now 56 days long, down from 91 days.
    • A new battleground season will start after the patch.
  • The skills “Rain of Arrows” and “Hail Storm” now feature an additional optical indicator in the battlegrounds.
  • The “Murderous Intent” skill is now being attributed to all the players ranked between the first and fifth place, and not only to the first five players in the list.
  • Player’s personal rating now influences with which team they’re being match made into a group (the Champions’ Skyring system is being applied to the other battlegrounds).

Changes to the Fraywind Canyon
  • The “Desperate Resolve” buff now activates when the point difference between the team is 600, and not 1200.
    • The buff is removed once the difference is 100 points, and not 300 points.
    • The minimum required points to activate this buff has been lowered to 600, from 2000 before.
  • Respawn time of the BAMs has been changed:
    • The Naga Reaver now spawns 330 seconds after the beginning of the match.
    • The Poten Teralith now spawns 190 seconds after the beginning of the match.
    • The Naga Reaver now respawns 330 seconds after its death.
    • The Poten Teralith now respawns 270 seconds after its death.
  • Killing the Naga Reaver now attributes the team 400 points.
  • Daily quest named “Hero of the Fraywind Canyon” has been added and rewards you with 40 gold, 200 Bellicarium credits and 700 Bellicarium experience upon completion.
  • Players are now being revived 15 seconds after their death.
  • Additional trees and bushes have been added.

Changes to the Champions’ Skyring
  • Players losing a match will now get 10 Killing Spree credits
  • Ranked and unranked options for the arena have been added to the UI.

Class Balancing
  • Damage of "Combo Attack" increased by 30% on all levels.
  • Decreased the effective range of “Backstab” from 15m down to 10m.
  • Blade Draw changes:
    • Glyph now needs 5 glyph points (up from 4)
    • Glyph reset rate increased to 50% (up from 40%)
  • Traverse Cut changes:
    • Duration of the endurance reduction debuff increased from 10 to 18 seconds.
  • Decreased PvP damage dealt by 5%.
  • Assault Stance adjustments:
    • Attack: PvE increased by 4.3% / PvP decreased by 2.3%
    • Defence: PvE increased by 3.4% / PvP decreased by 0.1%
    • Assault Stance I: Endurance reduction reduced from 15% to 10%
    • Assault Stance II: Endurance reduction reduced from 15% to 10%
    • Assault Stance III:  New skill level which can be learned at level 50. Power increases by 60%, endurance reduces by 10%, critical rate increased by 50.
  • Defensive Stance adjustments:
    • Attack: PvE no changes / PvP decreased by 6.9%
    • Defence: PvE increased by 2.8% / PvP decreased by 1.0%
    • Defensive Stance I: No changes
    • Defensive Stance II: No changes
    • Defensive Stance III:  New skill level which can be learned at level 50. Endurance increases by 25%, resistance increases by 20, aggro increases by 65%.
  • Assault / Defensive Stance will now be maintained when MP drop to 0.
  • Combative Strike changes:
    • Amount of HP consumed now increases with the skill level, from 5% to 10% (Before it was always 10%).

  • Damage increase for all of the Archer's skills:
    • "Arrow" damage increased by 70%
    • “Arrow Volley” damage increased by 28.5%
    • Damage of all the other skills has been increased by 20%
  • Close Quarters glyph changes:
    • Effect decreased from 100% down to 60%.
    • Now requires 3 glyph points (before: 5).
  • Rapid Fire changes:
    • Immobilization can now only be triggered by the first 2 strikes.
  • Penetrating Arrow changes:
    • Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Glyph of Influence changes:
    • Sniper’s Eye: Attack speed decreased from 15% to 5%, power augmentation decreased from 50 to 30, PvP damage decreased from 15% to 4.3%.
    • Eagle’s Eye: Movement speed decreased from 20% to 10%, power augmentation decreased from 50 to 30, PvP damage decreased from 15% to 4.3%.

  • Arcane Pulse changes:
    • Damage increased by 3%.

  • The shape of the four different Thralls has been changed for the high level Thralls.
  • AI balance changes made to the Thrall of Protection, the Thrall of Vengeance and the Thrall of Wrath.

  • The following buffs now affect a maximum of 25 players:
    • Blessing of Seren, Blessing of Shakan, Blessing of Arachne, Blessing of Balder.
  • Energy Stars changes:
    • Attack speed granted increased from 5% to 10%.
    • Power granted increased to 20, 28, 36 (previously 18, 20, 22).
    • Effective range increased to 35m.
  • Glyph of Enfeeblement changes:
    • Now has a 100% chance to reduce the enemy’s endurance.
  • Glyph of Energy changes:
    • Now increases strength by 20%, instead of reducing the cooldown by 20%.

General Healing Skill changes:
  • Priests, Mystics and Lancers can now critically heal.
  • The amount of critical heals depends on the critical rate of that character.
  • Critical heal increases the restored amount of HP by 50%.
  • “Heal over Time”-skills can also heal with a critical amount, each tick being calculated independently.
  • The amount of recovered HP of the following skills has been reduced by 10%:
    • Lancer: Second Wind.
    • Mystic: Titanic Favor.
    • Priest: Heal Thyself, Focus Heal, Healing Immersion.

General Changes to Monsters
  • Attack speed of the following monsters has been reduced:
    • Basilisks in the Oblivion Woods.
    • Named spiders in the Valley of the Titans.
    • Ovoliths in the Vale of the Fang.
  • Boss monsters on the first continent (Velika) won’t get enraged anymore.
  • Maximum number of enemies that can be aggroed changed:
    • Players can now pull a maximum of 33 BAMs or 100 normal monsters or 400 minions (or a mixture of these) simultaneously.

Changes to the Island of Dawn
  • The location of Noruks and Orcans has been changed.
    • Number needed for quests reduced to 5.
  • Additional Vekas spawn points have been added.
  • Leander’s Outpost and related content have been removed.
    • Teleport route to this point has been removed.
    • Leander has been moved to Tower Base.
  • Removed the following NPCs in Tower Base:
    • One of the two bankers.
    • The Weapon and Crystal Merchants.
    • Entry teleportal for Sorcha’s instance.
  • The difficulty of Karascha has been adjusted.
  • Players can now already leave the Island of Dawn with level 10, down from 11.

Changes to the Fey Forest
  • Players can now choose between three different mounts when finishing the “Saddle Up” quest, and this quest now finishes in Lumbertown.
    • Haines the horse merchant has been moved from Velika to Lumbertown.
  • Quests and NPCs around the Faerie Pond have been removed.
    • The instance escort quest “The Faerie Emissary” has been removed.
  • Number and respawn time of “Artful Gracebloom”, “Felled Timber” and “Cloud Mushroom” have been increased.
  • A total of 3 Seravys are now available for the “Pixie Trouble” quest.

Dungeon Changes
  • Recommended entry level of the following dungeons have been changed:
    • Sigil Adstringo: From level 45 to level 58.
    • Ascent of Saravash: From level 52 to level 58.
    • Suryati’s Peak: From level 56 to level 58.
    • Ebon Tower HM: From level 60 to level 58.
    • Labyrinth of Terror HM: From level 60 to level 58.
    • Kelsaik’s Nest HM: From level 60 to level 58.
    • Temple of Temerity: From level 60 to level 58.
  • The teleporter which spawned after killing the first boss in Ebon Tower has been removed.
  • The required item level, the quests, the item drops and the boss AI have been adjusted to better reflect the required level.
  • The “Dropout” buff is now being applied to players that leave the dungeon 3 minutes after the party matchmaking.
  • Ascent of Saravash: The entry teleportal for this dungeon has been moved near to Azarel’s Labyrinth in Ostgarath.
  • Bank NPCs are now standing near the entrance of the Temple of Temerity and the Sirjuka Gallery.
  • The quests in the open world dungeons “Tenebrous Mines” and “Pirate Grotto” now award players with double experience points.

Political system
  • In preparation for the Alliances, the current political system has been disabled and no Vanarchs can be elected anymore.
    • We will manually turn the NPCs on so that you may still profit from their services.
  • The different buildings of the Alliance will already be visible and you can already enter and visit these locations.
    • No NPCs are present to interact with.

UI Changes and Adjustments
  • New item slot added under the “Costuming”-tab in the character profile (P).
    • Characters can now equip accessories on their back.
  • Achievements (V) have been regrouped and categorized in order to increase their visibility and organization.
    • Titles have been moved to the character profile (P) and can now be chosen there using the dropdown menu.
  • Character skills (K) have been reorganized and categorized.
    • Added a new tab for riding skills. Riding skills will now be separated from normal class skills as well as race specific skills.
    • Added a new tab for Alliance abilities, more information about these will be included in the next update.
  • The order of the different points in the menu has been changed.
    • The following categories are affected by this change: Activities, Community, In-game Shop and System Menu.

Item Changes
  • Different items needed to craft the Visionmaker set have undergone a few changes:
    • Increased drop rate for “Shandra’s Quill”.
    • Increased drop rate for the Visionmaker recipies.
    • Reduced costs for “Cyasmic Oil”.
    • Reduced costs for “Chaos Block”.
  • The following items can now be stacked up to 99 times:
    • Kaia’s (Bound) Mead
    • Seren’s (Bound) Perfume
  • “Imp Essence” can now be destroyed.
  • “Winged Band” now binds on equip.
  • Some riding skills have been removed:
    • The “Death Charger” will no longer be given when achieving the “End of the Ride” achievement.
    • The “Winter Mare” will no longer be sold in the “Speciality Store”.
    • The “Nexus Warhorse” will be removed from the Agnitor merchants.
    • The “Aeolian Zebra” will no longer drop in Balder’s Temple (HM) and Fane of Kaprima (HM).
    • The “Shadow Steed” will no longer drop in Ebon Tower (HM).
  • Items with a higher tier can now be used to enchant another item (e.g. use a weapon of tier 10 for a tier 7 weapons).
  • The selling price for runes and various other crafting materials has been reduced.

  • The background in the character selection has been changed and now features a different location.
    • Background will change between night and day (depending on the server time).
  • Teleportals have been reworked and now have a different look and animation.
  • Items in the tradebroker now display their selling value when sold by a merchant.
  • Players can now participate in the global channel using the “/y” command
  • Players can now participate in the emote channel using the “/em” command
  • Videos you have already seen once with any of your characters can now be replayed.
    • Click on the bottom left UI-element to access this menu and see your videos.
  • The class order during the character creation has been changed.
  • You can now preview the Abyss, Regent and Superior set during the character creation (increased number of outfits from 3 to 6).
  • System messages for successful enchantments have been changed:
    • Enchantments on +9 and +12 for Tier 12, 13 and 14 items will now be globally announced.
  • Camera placement can now be changed in the options under “Game” > “Display”.
  • Dungeon entrances are now marked on the area maps and minimap.
  • The number of friends one character can have on their list has been increased from 40 to 80.
  • If the damage dealt to a character is too high, the numbers will not be shown but the system message “Killed by {playername}” will be displayed.
  • TERA Club benefits now apply to all servers.
  • Personal conversations (/w) will now still be visible when returning to the character selection window and going back into the game.
  • The number of charm that can be applied to a fire has been increased from 5 to 100.
  • Charms now take effect 1 second after being thrown into the fire.
    • Dire Badges (Temple of Temerity) can now be stored in the guild bank.
  • The cooldown of different quest items has been reduced.
  • Climbing speed has been increased.
  • Party Matching button has been added to dungeon entries, which opens the matchmaking tool.
  • Glyph boxes now contain 3 Refined/Masterwork Alkahests (before: contained normal Alkahests).
  • Skill points gained while crafting an item have been reduced from 6 to 2.
  • Expired items and skills will not be removed automatically.

Bug fixes
  • The cooldown of consumable items is now being displayed in the shortcut bar again.
  • Old race specific skills are now removed after changing the race using a Race change voucher.
  • Master Enigmatic Scrolls now drop in Ebon Tower HM and Labyrinth of Terror HM.

Known Issues
  • Female characters can’t climb in some regions of Amena Quatla.
  • Some loading screens are not correctly displayed.