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Patchnotes 21.17.01 - The Three Alliances

With this patch, a brand new section of TERA’s history will begin! Join one of the three Alliances with your guild and fight together with them in the war for Noctenium!
We’ve created a guide for you which will explain the different systems of the Alliance to every user, which can be found here.
As most of the systems are explained in this guide, the patch notes regarding this addition will be limited to a few additional notes:
  • After leaving an Alliance, players will have to wait 6 hours before joining another Alliance.
  • System guilds for each of the three Alliances are created and can be joined by a maximum of 100 players
    • Players in system guilds cannot become Exarchs
    • Players in system guild cannot access the guild bank or start guild battles
  • Tax collection is possible every 12 hours
  • There will be no Exarch for the first two weeks after the patch has been applied to our servers.

Obtainable Contribution points through PK will have restrictions. If you PK the same character within 1 minute period, the number of obtainable points will be limited. Points can only be earned through PK in groups or  in a raid.
  • Disabling opponent’s Noctenium Extractors during an Alliance Competition time = 10 points
  • Disabling opponent’s Noctenium Extractors during non-battle time = 5 points
  • Absolving an Alliance specialty loot quest = 30 points
  • Absolving an Alliance gathering quest = 50 points
  • Absolving an Alliance common monster hunt quest = 60 points
  • Absolving an Alliance BAM hunt quest = 70 points
  • Doing an enemy territory infiltration quest = 11 points
  • PKing opponent Alliance member inside their own Alliance territory = 2 points
  • Assist in PKing opponent Alliance member inside their own Alliance territory = 1 point
  • Achieving level 10 = 11 points
  • Achieving level 20 = 42 points
  • Achieving level 30 = 93 points
  • Achieving level 40 = 164 points
  • Achieving level 50 = 255 points
  • Achieving level 60 = 366 points

Invisible monsters will be roaming the competition zones and a “Detection Totem” is needed in order to see them. Once slain, such monsters will respawn an hour later.
Alliance Battles:
When invading enemy territory, you can, together with other members of your Alliance, attack the enemy camp and thus the Alliance Executor!
Once you begin this fight, a new UI-element will be displayed, which will show the current HP of the enemy Alliance Executor, as well as the current occupation status.
The Alliance Executor has a shield protecting him and the strength of this shield depends on the current competition rank – Exarchs can strengthen this shield by collecting taxes.
Should an alliance Executor be killed, the attacking Alliance will be able to loot part of the collected taxes from the defeated Alliance. This gold will be equally distributed amongst all the members of the Alliance. The killed Alliance Executor will be revived 2 hours after his defeat.
Quests can be absolved for both factions, the defending one as well as the attacking one. Both quests will need the respective faction to keep the occupation rate at a certain level, or not let it drop under a specific rate, or else the quest will fail.
Changes to Items:
  • Cyasmic Oil and Argon Vitriol have been changed from “rare” to “superior”
  • The drop rate of Shandra’s Quill has been increased by 25% in Manaya’s Core HM

Dungeon Changes:
  • Manaya’s Core NM/HM:
    • Melkatran becomes invincible when getting ready to summon minions at 20% and 70% of his HP (he will now be invincible already when moving into the middle of the room).
  • Manaya’s Core HM:
    • Number of minions summoned by Melkatran at 20% will now be the same amount as minions summoned at 70%

Quest Changes:
  • Quest rewards for the following quests on the Island of Dawn have been changed:
    • “Strange Attractors” now attributes 3,840 EXP (up from 3,200 EXP)
    • “Joining the Ranks” now attributes 16,500 EXP (up from 15,000 EXP)
  • Three new story quests functioning as an introduction to the Alliance have been added for level 60 players and can be started on the Island of Dawn.

  • Custom loading screens have been removed
  • "Pet" menu point has been added to the Main menu UI so that Alliance Supply Officers can set up merchants.
  • Different event NPCs are already visible in the game, and will become active with one of the upcoming updates!

Changes to different systems:
  • Gathering success rates have been changed from “random” to 50%. Spawning time of gathering nodes has also been shortened.
  • Former Vanarch NPCs, such as the Cleric of Restoration and the Speciality Store have been permanently set.
  • New fields have been added to the options UI-element, allowing players to:
    • Turn Exarch notices off and on
    • Turn Noctenium Extractor notices off or on
  • Alliance Chat has been added
    • Additional options have been added to the chat menu
  • Dyes have been changed to each last for 1 hour now. You may still buy as much of them at the different vendors for the same price, but their duration has been changed.
    • The ingame tooltip still states a duration of 1 or 7 days, but the actual duration has been changed to 1 hour.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the problem of region name tooltip not being displayed correctly on mouse over in the friend list when the region name is too long.
  • Fixed the problem of confirmation UI message being overlapped when deleting a character.
  • Fixed the problem of default shortcut key setting not being applied correctly.
  • Fixed Party member’s HP bar being wrongfully displayed if the member joining the Party is using the Outlaw declaration skill
  • Fixed the problem of other players’ HP gauge being displayed in red after having used the Outlaw declaration skill
  • Fixed the problem of Character’s HP gauge not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed the problem of current and previous battleground rankings not being displayed correctly in the Battleground record tab of the UI
  • Fixed Corsairs’ Stronghold ranking not being updated properly in the PvP record section of the Profile window
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to search the following items in Broker: Masterwork Alkahest, Intricate identification Scroll, Master Enigmatic Scroll
  • Fixed the problem of the tooltip of Priest’s Energy Stars skill displaying wrong information on level 2 and 3
  • Fixed the problem of the content of the tooltip of Warrior’s Assault/defense Stance 3 skill being applied differently from actual values
  • Fixed being unable to deactivate the cooldown notice from the Option UI
  • Fixed being able to ride the Battle Charger mount without fulfilling the requirements
  • Fixed the problem of Party master not being able to issue notices while being in a Party
  • Fixed the problem of battleground season info not being displayed correctly in the Profile window
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to use the “/r” slashcommand while whispering
  • Fixed the problem of an overlapping checkbox in the Matching UI
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to enter into combat state while using the sitting down emote skill

Known Issues:
  • Transferred characters maintain friends from another server in their friends list and are unable to remove these entries.
  • The effect of the Noctenium Infusion is not properly displayed on the Priest’s Mana Charge skill
  • Pop-up messages are not being displayed while in the “Vault of Allies”
  • System messages are not being displayed while using consumable items
  • Text in the French client being cropped when the Exarch is appointing Officers
  • Quest description of the “The People demand a demonstration” quest is not being displayed
  • The amount of HP recovered is not being displayed in DE/FR clients
  • Skill tooltips being displayed in English in the DE/FR clients