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Patchnotes 23.04.00 – New Achievements!

The new patch will be applied on Tuesday, 29th of October 2013 – and these are the changes that will be applied to TERA.

Halloween Event

Last year’s Halloween event has been reworked a little, and will be re-introduced with this update!

You can find additional information regarding this event in our dedicated news here.

UI Changes

  • Inventory UI has been improved (no visual change)
  • Party UI has been optimized (no visual change)
  • Removed “Connection Rate” column in the guild overview
  • Tradebroker preview function now dismounts characters who are sitting on their mount
  • Recommended levels for each zone are now displayed on the world map

New Achievement System

  • Added a total of 182 new achievements
  • These new achievements include rewards such as pets, mounts and various boost effects/potions
  • Revamped the categories of some achievements and added new filtering functions
  • Players can now filter by “achieved”, “title” and “reward type”
  • Added progress bars to the achievements to better display the status of an achievement
  • Changed reward icon to display the reward players will be getting, and changed the “view details” button to a + / -
  • Players can now achieve 100% completion without the achievements in the “Special” category; amount of achievement points has been recalculated.
  • Added special monsters and objects around the world which unlock the new achievements
  • 9 “Walls of Wordcraft” have been added, which you can leave a message on when doing the “climbing” achievements!
  • Six puzzling monuments
  • Nine newly-named monsters

System Changes

  • Players are now able to talk to the Flight Manager NPC whilst mounted, and will automatically be dismounted when choosing to fly with the Pegasus
  • Calculation algorithms have been changed for the “increase total HP by 8%” stats
  • Attack speed will now affect skill-charging speed. The following skills are affected by this change:
  • Berserker: Cyclone, Thunder Strike, Vampiric Blow, Lethal Strike
  • Archer: Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow
  • Sorcerer: Arcane Impulse, Mana Siphon
  • Priest: Mana Charge
  • Increased drop rate of T14 sacrificial gear in Balder’s Temple


  • Required level to earn Killing Spree Credits has been adjusted to level 30
  • If a player drops out of the party in the Champions’ Skyring, additional members can be recruited
  • The “Murderous Intent” skill will now also be given to the following players:
  • Top 30 ranked players in the Fraywind Canyon
  • Top 100 ranked players in the Champions’ Skyring

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem with ‘server first’ achievements being displayed in green even if they haven’t been completed
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to complete the “Building the Mysterium” quest if the character possesses the decryption device in their inventory
  • Fixed the problem of being able to change the airship’s direction using lock-on skills
  • Lancer glyphs are now sorted by their level requirement
  • The Legate’s Scan skill in the Corsair’s Stronghold will no longer disappear when using a siege weapon
  • Items soulbound to another character will now be correctly greyed out in the inventory
  • Fixed the problem of characters being stuck in the cage in Wonderholme
  • Fixed the problem of some premium face type items being set as head accessory type items
  • Players do not have to reset UI settings anymore to be able to use the Enchantment Acceleration UI
  • The “Outlaw declaration” manual will no longer be available on PvE servers
  • The amount healed will now be visible again in the DE/FR client
  • Fixed some text issues related to new item sets introduced in the last patch