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Patchnotes 36: Stepstone Isle

The latest big patch brings with it a number of changes: a new start area, revamped character creation and selection, as well as improved guides to the battlegrounds.

New Contents

  • New start area: Stepstone Island
  • Improved character creation
  • New character selection
  • Extended character names
  • Changes to chat channels
  • Battleground tips for new players
  • Information for returning players

Find detailed information on these changes in our preview.

Achievement Changes

  • The third season of achievements is here, and the points required for the various ranks have been adjusted.
  • Achievements for the following areas and dungeons have been integrated into the category “Legacy Achievements”:
    • Island of Dawn
    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    • Channelworks
    • Die Shattered Fleet
    • Vault of Kaprima
    • Akeron's Inferno
    • Akeron's Inferno (Hard)
  • The description and requirements for the achievements “Timescape Conqueror” and “Vault of Kaprima Conqueror” have been changed.
  • The “Achievements” category in the crusades ranking has been removed and will of course not award any more points.

Further Details on Chat Channel Changes

  • Guild advertising channel added
    • Guild masters can now give their members the ability to advertise their guild.
    • Use the command /q to write in this channel.
  • Improved filtering of items
    • Extra options added to filter information about loot more easily. Now you will be able to decide which rarity of items will be displayed in which channel.
  • Incoming/outgoing whispers
    • Now easier to distinguish between sent and received messages with newly added arrow symbols.
  • Anti-spam measures
    • If more than 4 messages are posted within 5 seconds in the following channels, players will receive a temporary 60-second chat ban: Say (/s), Global (/c) and Area (/a)
    • If more than 2 messages are posted within 4 seconds in the following channels, players will receive a temporary 30-second chat ban: LFG, Trade (/t) and Guild advertising (/q)
    • A message will appear on the screen and in the chat once the ban has ended.
    • The following channels share the cooldown: Global, Trade, Area and LFG

Battleground Changes

  • Fraywind Canyon
    • BAMs have increased HP and resistance to crit hits.
  • Gridiron Academy
    • A new version has been added for level 40 to 64 characters, who automatically receive adjusted equipment and upgraded skills.
    • Players involved receive experience and reputation points dependent on their performance.
    • Added new Vanguard Initiative quests, plus area and daily quests.

Further Changes

  • When the camera range limit is below 20%, attempting to scroll beyond this limit will cause a system message to be displayed.
  • Option included to turn the quest tracker on the map on and off (question marks, exclamation marks, stars).
  • Increased experience points for story quests.
  • Monsters between levels 10 and 59 in the open world have been adjusted, now having increased HP and attack stats.
  • Extra quests added for BAMs from the Vanguard Initiative between levels 13 and 20.
  • For first completing quests from the Vanguard Initiative you'll receive all displayed rewards; upon completing the same quest again you'll only receive the experience points.
  • Increased experience points from Vanguard Initiative quests for level 20 to 58 dungeons.
  • Dreamstorm quests can now only be accepted and completed once per day:
    • Once a Dreamstorm quest has been successfully completed and the rewards collected, no further Dreamstorm quest can be accepted on the same day (this is reset daily during the small hours).
    • If the Dreamstorm defense was unsuccessful, or no reward was collected because too few enemies were killed, then the quest can be accepted again at the next Dreamstorm. There will be no more gold rewards for failed Dreamstorms.
  • Performance improvements within Dreamstorms.

Bug Fixes

  • The map can now be moved again.

Known Issues

  • Certain videos and NPCs in the English version speak German.
  • The “Achievements” category in the crusade ranking is still being displayed in the German and French clients, although without displaying any players.
  • The various chat channels display the wrong names in the German and French clients.