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Preview: Awakening and new UI

Unlock your full potential! Patch 75 brings the visually impressive Apex skills to the remaining 6 classes. From October, your Archers, Reapers, Ninjas, Sorcerers, Valkyries, and Gunners will therefore also be able to storm the battlefield with awesome new attacks once they have completed the Awakened quest series! You’ll find an overview of your new skills below.

New game interface

The game interface is also getting a new look: simple and modern is the motto! Your health and mana bars form the frame for a square display of additional resources such as the Brawler’s Rage or the Gunner’s Willpower.

Your skill bar has been expanded and hotkeys reworked, and various menus have been slimmed down and modernized. TERA Club members will find a leaner club bar which can be hidden/displayed next to your skill bar by pressing “P”. As before, you’ll still be able to rearrange the elements to your desire.

Alongside the various UI changes, the game itself has received some optical refinements, with a number of new light and shading effects to make TERA an even more immersive gaming experience!


Overview of new Apex skills


  • Find Weakness III
    • Grants additional effects based on your choice of target, and modifies other skills.
    • Find Weakness (not targeted): While active, all your attacks against monsters are considered back attacks, regardless of your relative position. Effect ends when skill is used again.
    • Chain Skill Guide: Aiming at a specific target with Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, or Thunderbolt triggers Weakness Exposed, which also increases damage by an additional 20%. The effect of Find Weakness is superseded by that of Weakness Exposed.
    • Velik’s Mark: Damage to players within a certain radius is increased by 10%.
  • Wind Walk I
    • Focus Generation:
      • Charge forward up to 24m and attack a target.
      • Grants the Howling String effect.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • Can be used to interrupt the animations of all skills.
  • Windsong I
    • Enhanced Skill:
      • Increases Movement Speed by 10% for 22 seconds, and resets the cooldown of Find Weakness, Thunderbolt, Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, Rapid Fire, and Sequential Fire while active.
      • During the effect, the above cooldowns are decreased by 50%.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • While active, increases the Attack Speed of Radiant Arrow, Penetrating Arrow, and Thunderbolt by 30%. Decreases the number of attacks done by Rapid Fire, but increases the damage dealt and MP replenishment per hit.
      • Decreases the RE consumption of Wind Walk by 30.
  • Gust Arrow I
    • Charge Skill:
      • Shoots an empowered arrow that staggers and knocks down all enemies within 40m.
      • While the skill charges, you are invincible and immune to reactions.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • Triggers Sequential Fire.
  • Safe Space
    • Passive Skill:
      • Increases the skill damage of all attack skills by 5% when no enemies are within a 5m radius.
  • Seasoned
    • Passive Skill:
      • Decreases the RE cost of Backstep by 30, and recovers 10 RE after every successful hit of a Focus Generation skill.
  • Huntsman
    • Passive Skill:
      • When fighting monsters, using Chase changes all attack skills into attacks from behind for 5 seconds.



  • Ice Lance
    • Frost Attack:
      • Summon two Ice Lances to attack a target within 15m.
      • Can be refired up to 3 times within a 3 second period.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • A successful hit from Arcane Pulse or Nova increases skill damage by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • Fusion
    • Elemental Advantage:
      • Successful hits by skills with Flame Attack, Frost Attack, or Arcane Attack tags charge up your fusion meter.
      • When two elements align, you may cast one of three special Fusion Skills, all of which share the same cooldown.
      • Flame and Frost: Activates Prime Flame 
      • Arcane and Flame: Activates Arcane Storm 
      • Frost and Arcane: Activates Iceberg 
    • Enhance Skill:
      • Mana Boost II allows you to combine all three elements into Elemental Fusion.
      • Skill Usage Charge your fusion meter by using elemental skills.
  • Implosion
    • Using the power of Element Zero, gather wild elemental energy into a massive explosion that severely damages all nearby enemies and lifts them into the air.
    • During casting, enemies in the targeted area are pulled together. After casting, you are invincible for a short period.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • While casting, the cooldowns of Teleport and Backstep decrease by 50%.
  • Elemental Attunement
    • Passive Skill:
      • Increases the skill damage of Flame Attack, Frost Attack, and Arcane Attack skills by 4%. A successful hit by one of these skills fills the corresponding section of the Fusion Meter.
      • All Fusion Skills that use elements do not consume MP, but do drain the Fusion Meter.
      • Using Fusion Skills that combine two elements trigger an Equipoise effect.
  • Spatial Gap
    • Passive Skill:
      • When fighting monsters, all attack skills are considered as attacks from behind for 5 seconds after casting Teleport Jaunt.
  • Enhanced Ice Lance
    • Passive Skill:
      • A successful hit by Arcane Pulse or Mana Burst increases the skill damage of Ice Lance by 30% for 4 sec.



  • Modular Weapon System
    • Summons a deadly construct that modifies skills and aids you in battle.
    • Enhance Skill:
      • Balder’s Vengeance and Remote Trigger: Increases skill damage by 20%. 
      • Rolling Reload becomes Dashing Reload.
      • Blast becomes Detonate.
      • Burst Fire becomes Targeted Burst Fire.
  • Modular Weapon System: Targeted Burst Fire
    • Laser Targeting, Willpower Skill:
      • Fire a laser-targeted and -enhanced series of shots at targets. Each successive shot has an increased chance to crit and skill damage. A successful hit decreases the cooldown of Mana Missiles and decreases a target’s Movement Speed for a short time (no effect on bosses).
  • Modular Weapon System: Detonate
    • Laser Targeting:
      • Fire a shot which explodes on impact or up to maximum distance. Replenishes 100 MP on a successful hit.  The Modular Weapon System fires 2 additional shots, each of which decreases the cooldown of Dashing Reload on a successful hit. 
    • Willpower Recovery:
      • Recover 40 Willpower on successful Modular Weapon System hits.
  • Modular Weapon System: Dashing Reload
    • Laser Targeting:
      • Dash forward to dodge enemy attacks and eliminate the cooldown for Mana Missiles. Increases your Movement Speed by 80 while dashing, and you can dash twice within 4 seconds, with the cooldown starting after the second use.
      • Dashing cancels animations for all skills but Balder’s Vengeance.
    • Enhanced Skill:
      • Using Mana Missiles after Dashing Reload instantly overcharges the skill and increases the missiles’ speed, but removes the knockdown effect.
  • Remote Trigger
    • Stage 1 (Time Bomb) – The Modular Weapons System deploys a Time Bomb in front of you, lifts you into the air, then moves you backward. 
    • Stage 2 (Remote Detonation) – Press the skill button again while moving to draw a line of fire in front of you. If the Time Bomb is detonated by Remote Trigger, the explosion’s range is increased by 50%, its damage by 30%, and gains a high chance to crit.
    • Willpower Recovery:
      • Recover 20 Willpower when shooting a Time Bomb with Remote Trigger, and 40 Willpower when the Time Bomb explodes.
  • Obliteration
    • Laser Targeting:
      • With the Modular Weapons System active, leap into the air and unleash a devastating missile barrage. You are immune to damage while in the air.
    • Enhance Skill:
      • All your attacks have double the normal chance to crit and are considered to be attacks from behind for a few seconds. Also, a successful hit on an Arcane Splash deals 300% more damage.
    • Willpower Recovery:
      • Recover 40 Willpower per successful missile hit.
  • Arcane Splash
    • Passive Skill:
      • Generates pools of raw arcane energy, which deal additional damage after successful hits from certain skills.
      • Arcane Barrage or Time Bomb: 100% chance to create an Arcane Splash after an explosion 
      • Scattershot: 20% chance to create an Arcane Splash after a successful hit
      • Burst Fire or Bombardment: 15% chance to create an Arcane Splash on successful hit
      • With Activate Laser Panel  or Burst Fire: 30% chance to create an Arcane Splash on successful hit
    • Arcane Explosion:
      • With a successful hit on an Arcane Splash with Blast, Burst Fire, Mana Missiles, or Obliteration, it explodes and damages nearby enemies.
  • Back Blast
    • Passive Skill:
      • After using Rocket Jump, all attacks on monsters are considered to be attacks from behind for 5 seconds.



  • Boomerang Shuriken
    • Attack your enemies with a returning shuriken:
      • Can be cast up to three times in a row, with the third shuriken dealing dramatically increased damage.
      • Hitting a target at max distance resets the cooldown of Leaves on the Wind.
      • When used while Inner Harmony is active, changes Leaves on the Wind into Harmonious Leaves on the Wind.
  • Quick Attack
    • Rush an opponent and execute a blindingly fast attack.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • Deals more damage when used after Chakra Thrust.
  • Inner Harmony
    • You become one with the universe, and can manifest in multiple places at once. While active, you receive the following effects:
      • Grants continuous MP and Chi restoration, Piercing Gaze, and Cyclic Chi.
      • Quick Attack becomes Harmonious Quick Attack.
      • Boomerang Shuriken becomes Harmonious Boomerang Shuriken.
      • Burning Heart becomes Harmonious Burning Heart and the cooldown is reset.
      • Fire Avalanche becomes Harmonious Fire Avalanche.
  • Piercing Gaze
    • Passive Skill:
      • Successful hit of Quick Attack increases melee skill damage by 5%. (Stacks up to 2 times)
  • Cyclic Chi
    • Passive Skill:
      • Successful hit of Impact Bomb increases the chance to crit of ranged attacks by 30% while all attacks are considered to be attacks from behind.



  • Dark Harvest
    • After a successful hit of Grim Strike or Sundering Strike send your scythes flying to the same spot for an additional attack. A successful hit activates Enhanced versions of Shadow Burst and Sundering Strike.
  • Recall Scythes
    • Quickly recall your scythes to deal damage to nearby enemies. Decreases the cooldowns of Shadow Burst and Grim Strike by 12 seconds.
  • Binding Scythes
    • The target becomes tangled up in your chains for 10 seconds, taking continual damage after a strong initial hit.
  • Assassination
    • Passive Skill:
      • While Shrouded Escape is active, a successful hit on a monster increases skill damage to monsters by 200% and all attacks become critical hits for 6 seconds. Does not apply to the last hit of Binding Scythes.
  • Vengeful Attack
    • Passive Skill:
      • After triggering Retribution, you may charge in any direction for 3 seconds, but cannot ignore damage.



  • Gungnir’s Bite
    • Dash in a wide circle, attacking any enemies inside its radius. 
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • Increases the skill damage of attack skills by 10% for 3 seconds.
    • Skill Usage:
      • Use when surrounded by enemies. Press the skill button again within 6 seconds to attack a second time. Cooldown applies 6 seconds after the initial attack, or immediately after the second.
    • Runemark:
      • Successful hit resets the cooldown of Leaping Slash and generates 1 Runemark.
    • Ragnarok:
      • Generates 15 additional Ragnarok points on a successful hit.
  • Twilight Waltz
    • Stage 1 (Groundbreaker) – Stamp the ground, damaging nearby enemies and lifting them into the air. Resets the cooldown of Shining Crescent on a successful hit.
    • Stage 2 (Twilight Thrust) - Press the skill button again to perform an empowered glaive thrust that staggers targets and reduces their Endurance by 2% for a few seconds. Resets the cooldown of Shining Crescent.
    • Stage 3 (Twilight Spiral) – Press the skill button again to perform multiple spinning glaive attacks.
    • Stage 4 (Leaping Slash) – Press the skill button a final time to leap to the air and slam your glaive on the ground, causing a massive explosion. Deals increased damage based on the number of Runemarks you hold.
    • Runemark:
      • Stages 1 and 2 each generate 3 Runemarks on a successful hit.
      • Stage 3 generates 2 or 3 Runemarks per hit.
  • Godsfall
    • Stage 1 (Valkyrie’s Cry) – Swing your glaive in a devastating double circle, damaging all nearby enemies. 
    • Eliminates the active cooldowns of Twilight Waltz and skills with a cooldown of 60 seconds or less (Evasive Roll and Retaliate are not affected). Triggers Inspiring Shout, which grants the following bonuses while active:
      • Increases Power by 60.
      • Increases Attack Speed by 25.
      • Increases Attack Range by 20%.
      • Reduces the cooldown of skills that have a cooldown of 60 seconds or less by 70%.
    • Stage 2 (Calamity Thrust) – Leap back from your position and charge towards the ground, causing a severe explosion.
    • Chain Skill Guide:
      • Activates faster after using Shining Crescent, Gungnir’s Bite, or the last hit of Twilight Waltz.
  • Opportunistic Charge
    • Passive Skill
      • After using Charge, all attacks on monsters are considered to be attacks from behind.
  • Dreamblaze
    • Passive Skill:
      • A successful hit of Ground Bash or Glaive Strike increases the skill damage of Runeburst by 10% for 5 seconds. Dreamblaze stacks up to 2 times.