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Preview: Crafters, Hunters and Gatherers

Make the catch of a lifetime: fishing is coming to Arborea in patch 77! Using the new system, you can catch rare fish, earn cold hard cash and prepare invigorating meals with the new cookery profession. Plus the crafting and gathering system gets an overhaul in this update.

Fishing System

Gone Fishin’

You can get your first taste of fishing with a quest line which leads you to Waining in Highwatch. He and his assistants will teleport you in sequence to some of the 6 fisheries around Arborea, which you can also discover yourself. On your travels you’ll learn everything you need to know about fishing.

The fishing locations are:

  • Vexatus Swamp
  • Cutthroat Harbor
  • Seren’s Garden
  • Muricai
  • Lake of Tears
  • Celsian Lake

You can identify fishing locations from the fish symbol on the map. You’ll see the fish teeming around in the water where you can get to work.

The Right Tools for the Job

Any budding fisherman needs a rod and some bait to get started. The better your fishing gear, the greater your chances of bagging larger and rarer fish. You can buy new rods and bait, as well as upgrade your rod, using Angler Tokens which can be earned when fishing.

At present there are 42 species of fish in Arborea’s waters, divided up into ten different ranks, with the largest and most valuable species being called “Big-Ass Fish”.

Good Fishing!

Right-click on some bait to get started. The glowing outline indicates that this particular type of bait is being used. Then stand at a fishing spot and use the fishing rod to start your catch!

  • Wait until you get a bite
  • Hold the action button (default: F) to pull in your line
  • Try to keep the fish symbol in the zone indicated until the fish has been caught

If you don’t react to fish biting for 3 minutes, you enter the automatic fishing mode. Your character will then continue landing fish for you, but the very best catches can only be caught in manual mode.

Great Haul! Now What?

Members of the Fishing Association will buy fish from you up to three times a day. You can using refining to bundle multiple fish into Fish Crates which can also be sold for hard cash. To deliver your goods, open the Association Fishmonger’s shop window and select what you want to sell from your inventory.

Fish gradually rot over time, so it’s best not to try storing them – not only will the fish disappear from your inventory after a certain period, but your other things will stink to high heaven! Instead, use up your unsold fish with the new cooking ability, chopping the fish up into fillets and preparing delicious dishes with them.

Major Crafting and Gathering Update

Hardworking crafting fans can get their teeth into new challenges when patch 77 drops. All crafting professions have been reworked, redundant designs removed, and new ways added for you to put those crafting talents to good use.


All the designs which have become obsolete over time have now been removed from the game. In their place, you’ll have the ability to craft powerful potions such as the Rejuvenation Potion. The alchemist’s new repertoire now even includes dyes and various additives which increase the bonus rate of other crafting skills.

Refining (Previously Weaponcrafting)

Since handcrafted weapons have gradually lost their importance over time, this new crafting skill focuses on refining metals. As before, this includes making Golden Talents (now in greater volumes) as well as refining metals and crafting tools for gathering.

Processing (Previously Armorcrafting)

Just as with weapons, the fine art of armorcrafting has become old hat. The new processing skill is focused on crafting Silver Talents, similarly in larger quantities, as well as producing fishing bait and silexes for the other crafting professions.


After the patch, etchers will no longer produce complete etchings but rather powder, grit, sand and dust. These serve as a currency in exchange shops where you can pick up the etchings you desire.

The advantage is that you no longer need to know the exact name of the etching you want. Simply browse the shop to see all the etchings for a particular level. Level III etching powder can be used as the currency for all level III weapon and glove etchings, for example.


With this new crafting profession you can prepare tasty meals to give you a boost in combat, or give you an edge in other crafting skills. Fish provide the basis for many of the meals, and you can catch these yourself.


Some gathering materials have been replaced with new ones. Mushrooms used in certain cooking recipes can now be collected, for example. Gathering now consumes fewer production points than before.

In addition, you can accelerate your gathering speed with gathering tools. These tools can also be upgraded so you can gather materials even faster!