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Preview: Patch 76 Coming Soon!

Look forward to a host of cool additions to TERA in patch 76, including Elin Brawlers, the long-awaited talent system, plus a battle with a divine being! Check out these highlights from the upcoming update (note that some names may be subject to change):


Fists of Steel – Cute but Deadly

Swing your fists with the wrath of nature! Patch 76 allows players to make Brawlers of those adorable Elins. Roll with the punches with the feisty fighters of Pora Elinu, and smash through the enemy ranks with a furious flurry of blows and kicks.


Heroes and Skills – Talent System and EP Points

Explore tons of new options for your playing style! You can customize your hero’s individual strengths with the talent system, which allows each of your characters to contribute to the benefit of all.

How it works:

  • From level 65 you can collect EP XP in Vanguard Initiative quests. Once the EP XP bar is full, you’ll receive EP points.
  • You can access the EP menu by clicking on the Helmet button in the menu bar and selecting “My Character” > “EP”. From here you can use your EP points to unlock powerful skill boosts and passive effects: increase the power and duration of your attacks, reduce the cooldown of your favorite skill, move faster, and, and, and…!
  • The different talents cost varying amounts of EP points. If you select the same talent multiple times, the effect increases. You can see how the points affect your character in the talent preview on the left-hand side. Don’t forget to apply your selection at the end by clicking “Confirm”.
  • You can fill your EP XP bar with any character on a server – the progress applies server-wide to your account. EP points which you earn on the server are credited to the personal account for each of your characters, so you can spend the full amount of points for each of them. No need to pick and choose who gets the benefits – everyone’s a winner with the talent system!


Bahaar’s Temple – Burn the Fire God!

When was the last time a god asked you for help? In Arborea it’s hardly a rare occurrence. But when was the last time you had to confront a god incarnate? Probably a long time ago – but that is your challenge in the new dungeon!

Castanica is being ravaged by fire and magic flaming stones, unmistakable evidence of Bahaar’s awakening. It’s your duty to dampen the flames on the raging fire god in his refuge in Fyrmount.

Lord of the flames, ruler of volcanoes, the mighty Bahaar has no need to hide behind his minions. He will fight you alone – and roast the flesh from your bones if you aren’t quick on your feet! With his hammer he once wrought relic weapons for the mortal races: now he’s going to use you as his anvil.

You may be a Hero of Arborea, but what are titles in the face of a god? Are you worthy of the challenge? Then cross the lava gorge east of Molten Reach and face your destiny!

Just don’t expect a god to fall at your feet…