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Preview: Talent System and More

“Talent system? Seriously?!” – “Damn straight!”.

TERA can look back over an eventful first half to 2018, but the second half is set to bring even more action!


This summer we visited our partners at Bluehole, the developers behind TERA, to talk about some of the regional issues surrounding the game. Our bags were packed with some of our own ideas, plus plenty more suggestions and wishes from the community.

All of us here at Gameforge and our partners at Bluehole are agreed on one thing: we believe in TERA, and we intend to continue working closely together in the future to keep improving our favorite game. The next big milestone we need to cross on that road is the hotly awaited talent system. Yes, you read that right! By the end of 2018 we expect to see the talent system implemented on our servers together with the Elin Brawler patch.

We realize of course that the system is way behind the Korean patches in our version of the game, which is why we’re working hard on ways to close that gap as quickly as possible. As soon as we have more news on this, we’ll keep you posted with the latest details.


Talent System in a Nutshell

  • Account-wide talent experience bar which can be filled by any character above level 65
  • The higher the talent level, the more talent points can be distributed with each individual character
  • Talent points can be used on powerful skills and higher stats, for instance:
    • Any class: +23 Power
    • Brawler: Reduces the cooldown of Haymaker by 3 seconds per critical hit
    • Ninja: 50% chance of increasing your power by 1 (up to a maximum of 24) for 5 seconds on landing a critical hit with Double Cut
    • … and many more skills!


But the talent system isn’t the end of it! In the upcoming updates, you can look forward to even more great content.

  • September: Shadow Sanguinary and Rift’s Edge, as event dungeons
  • October: New dungeons, reworked game interface and Apex skills for 6 more classes:
    • Treacherous tech for Gunners
    • Furious fusion magic for Sorcerers
    • Supreme secrets for Ninjas
    • Amazing arrows for Archers
    • Turbulent tornado attacks for Valkyries
    • Burning bind attacks for Reapers
  • By spring 2019: talent system, Elin Brawlers, fishing system, new regions and more!


Look forward to some seriously exciting months ahead in TERA!

The TERA Team