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Shop Update: Chivalrous Armor

Take the next step towards immortality – until Tuesday, 12th December you’ll find three chivalrous packages in the shop. The armor contained in these packages will keep you looking your absolute best, and protect you from perfidious attacks.

Package: Resolute Armor

  • Smart Box: Resolute Plate Armor
  • Resolute Knight's Helm
  • Elleon's Fog Cape

Package: Enlightenment Armor

  • Smart Box: Enlightenment Plate Armor
  • Enlightenment Knight's Helm
  • Elleon's Blood Cape

Package: Renegade Armor

  • Smart Box: Renegade Plate Armor
  • Renegade Knight's Helm
  • Elleon's Twilight Cape

Strap on your suit of steel and make your pledge to the order!

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The TERA Team