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Shop Update: Colorful Hair Dyed, Jeweled Hairstyles and Fishing Bait

Get some juicy bait to increase your chances of success when fishing. Or why not grab a new jeweled hairstyle or some colorful hair tones and go fishing for compliments?

The following items are available for direct purchase: 

  • Popori Bait Chest
  • Rainbow Bait Chest
  • Meruma’s Jewel Dream Hair (Males)
  • Meruma’s Jewel Dream Hair I (Females)
  • Meruma’s Jewel Dream Hair II (Females)
  • Meruma’s Dream Hairstyle
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Blue Tones
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Red Tones
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Yellow Tones
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Green Tones
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Turquoise Tones
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Pink Tones
  • Meruma’s Hairstyle: Black, White and Brown Tones

Have fun,

The TERA Team