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Shop Update: Desert Treasure Hunters

This is your hour to shine, treasure hunter! You can find 3 new packages for your desert adventures and the great treasures of the sands in the TERA Shop – but only until Tuesday, 15th January 2019! Pick up Sacrificial Altars, Batu Medals and hundreds of Batu Effigies in handy packages!

Plus, you can take advantage of a bigger bulk discount on Eyes of the Desert which can be used to open the fabled Treasure of the Dunes.

Package: Sacrificial Spirits

  • 600x Batu Effigy
  • 5x Sacrificial Altar of Spirits
  • 1x Batu Spirit Chest

Package: Sacrificial Visions

  • 800x Batu Effigy
  • 4x Sacrificial Altar of Visions
  • 50x Batu Medal

Package: Glare of the Desert

  • 5x Eye of the Desert
  • 50x Batu Medal

Ride into your desert adventure and reap the rewards!

Have fun,

The TERA Team