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Shop Update: Elin Fashion Chests and Discounts

The heavily armed new Gunner is kicking up a storm in Arborea – and to celebrate, we’ve overhauled the offers for Elins in the TERA Shop. Plus we have plenty of discounts lined up, and in the Elin Arcane Armor Crate you even have a chance to land a special bonus!


Elin Arcane Armor Crate

Contains 200 Fashion Coupons and one of the following costumes guaranteed:

  • Unified Theory Institute Uniform
  • Heavy Snowfall Hauberk
  • Celebrity Hauberk
  • Bloodlayered Platemail
  • Simplelife Hauberk
  • Idoneal Hauberk
  • Pink Hauberk
  • Copper Unified Theory Institute Uniform
  • Magenta Unified Theory Institute Uniform

Plus you have a chance to get a Pink Arcannon exclusively for Elins!

Enchanting Elin Fashion Chest

Contains one of these costumes:

  • Dyeable Paw Outfit (Elin) + Cat Whiskers
  • Red Paw Outfit (Elin) + Cat Whiskers
  • Black Paw Outfit (Elin) + Cat Whiskers
  • Black Deluxe Kimonokini (Elin)
  • Pink Deluxe Kimonokini (Elin)
  • Elin Raincoat
  • Elin Dyeable Raincoat
  • Schoolgirl Outfit (Elin)
  • Dyeable Schoolgirl Outfit (Elin)

The following articles are heavily discounted until Tuesday, 21st November:

  • Character Transfer
  • Heroic Chest: Beasts of Legend
  • Heroic Chest: Cute Pandas
  • Laundry Basket: Light Underwear
  • Laundry Basket: Dark Underwear
  • Laundry Basket: Dyeable Underwear
  • Laundry Basket: Underwear Mix
  • Feline Predators
  • Flying Pegasuses
  • Struthios
  • Flying Llamas

The following chests and packages have been removed from the shop:

  • Elin Fashion Chest
  • Glamorous Elin Fashion Chest
  • Colorful Elin Fashion Chest
  • Elin Beach Fun
  • Elin Rainwear

On top of all that, we’ve permanently reduced prices on the following items:

  • Gender Change Voucher
  • Guild Name Voucher
  • Inventory Expansion
  • Bank Expansion
  • [Server] Wardrobe Expansion
  • Character Transfer
  • Additional Character Slot (3-8)
  • Additional Character Slot (9-18)
  • Package: Caddy and Wardrobe Expansion
  • Package: Totes and Wardrobe Expansion
  • Package: Popolin and Wardrobe Expansion

Lock ‘n’ load with your Gunner and go gung ho in Arborea!

Have fun,

The TERA Team