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Shop Update: Epic Frostbrand Packages

Ice or fire? You still have the choice until the morning of 1st June!

During the Frostbrand Event, you have a chance to pick up tons of searing cold rewards. Collect Hoar Frost or Flame Ember Orbs, fuse them together with a Binder and collect the fabulous items! You can find more details about the event here.

Now and for a limited time – until the end of the event on Friday, 1st June – you can pick up two special bonus packages in the TERA Shop and really reap the rewards. You’ll get 15 orbs from one element, plus 3 powerful binders to transform those orbs into amazing rewards. You’ll also get 5 elemental potions for even more action during the event.

Package: Epic Hoar Frost Combo

  • 3x Powerful Hoar Frost Binder
  • 15x Hoar Frost Orb
  • 5x Ice Whisper

Package: Epic Ember Flame Combo

  • 3x Powerful Ember Flame Binder
  • 15x Ember Flame Orb
  • 5x Fiery Fervor

Hop to it and earn your amazing rewards today!

Have fun,

The TERA Team