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Shop Update: Frost Guardians

Become an ice-cold killer and join the renowned Frost Guards! Starting today you'll find smart boxes containing Frost Guards uniforms and weapon skins available for direct purchase in the TERA Shop. Slip on a frosty costume and wield a weapon of solid ice!

Want to show your loyalty and become a fully fledged Frost Guard Champion? Then buy the package of the same name! This way you'll get a discount off the costume and weapon, plus a free gift of the ice-blue Frost Visor, which is not available for direct purchase.

You'll find the following items in the TERA Shop until further notice:

Package: Frost Guards Champion

  • Smart Box: Frost Guards Weapon Skin
  • Smart Box: Frost Guardian
  • Frost Visor

Smart Box: Frost Guards Weapon Skin

Smart Box: Frost Guardian

Have fun,

The TERA Team