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Shop Update: Hardworking Chambermaids

Lace frills, cute bows and an immaculate white apron – here come Arborea’s graceful chambermaids!

For a limited time only, until Thursday, 18th October, you can dust off two neat packages with chambermaid dresses and matching special emote. Leave an impeccable impression everywhere you go and curtsy elegantly in this elaborately decorated outfit.

Package: Hardworking Chambermaid

  • Smart Box: Chambermaid’s Dress
  • Smart Box: Chambermaid’s Curtsy
  • Chocolate Maid’s Headband

Package: Dyeable Chambermaid

  • Smart Box: Dyeable Chambermaid’s Dress
  • Smart Box: Chambermaid’s Curtsy
  • Cream Maid’s Ruffled Headband

Slip into the Chambermaid's Dress and sweep your enemies aside.

Have fun,

The TERA Team