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Shop Update: Heroes in Underwear

Get your hands on some boosting underwear and cool accessories for true legends! A package of heroic accessories and one of ten sets of underwear is available for purchase in the TERA Shop until Tuesday, 19th June. Slip into some quality active underwear, kit yourself out with the Valkyrie Helm and Blood Cape and be fully prepared for your next battle!

Package: Heroes in Underwear

  • Elleon's Blood Cape
  • Black Valkyrie Helm
  • 1 of 10 sets of underwear:

    Quality Fresh Active Underwear

    Quality Comfy Active Underwear

    Quality Sporty Active Underwear

    Quality Warm Active Underwear

    Quality Glowing Active Underwear

    Splendid Fresh Light Velvet Underwear

    Splendid Comfy Light Velvet Underwear

    Splendid Sporty Light Velvet Underwear

    Splendid Warm Light Velvet Underwear

    Splendid Glowing Light Velvet Underwear

Have fun,

The TERA Team