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Shop Update: Iridescent Flames

The perfect blend of colorful action and fiery resolve! Starting today you can pick up two packages containing flaming spectral weapon skins from the TERA Shop – but only until Tuesday, 16th January. Bathe in the rainbow lights from the cute emoticloud while wielding a glowing Polychrome weapon, or cut through the darkness with the Nightshadow armor and flaming Ardentfire weapon skin! You'll earn yourself a fearsome reputation, whichever you choose.

Package: Polychrome College Gear

  • Smart Box: Polychrome Weapon Skin
  • Smart Box: Arborean College Gear
  • Playful Rainbow Cloud

Package: Ardentfire Nightshadow

  • Smart Box: Ardentfire Weapon Skin
  • Smart Box: Nightshadow Armor
  • Dokebi Mask

This sale is not available for Valkyrie.

Grab your very own glowing spectral weapon!

Have fun,

The TERA Team