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Shop-Update: Level up even faster!

Now available in the shop: New Experience Point Scrolls! Collect experience points at the click of a button, and you can soon be facing up against Shandra Manaya, the Bandersnatch, and a host of other bosses!


Experience Points (Level 20)

  • Gives your character 143113 experience points.

Experience Points (Level 30)

  • Gives your character 954831 experience points.

Experience Points (Level 40)

  • Gives your character 4448835 experience points.

Experience Points (Level 50)

  • Gives your character 24950654 experience points.

The scrolls can be used from the respective levels up to level 60, and give your character the stated number of experience points.


New categories and organization in the shop

This update sees some revisions in the TERA Shop so that you can see at a glance what is waiting for you under each category. We've made the following changes:


The category New and Remarkable is now called Featured Items:

  • The two Travel Journal items have been moved to the Individualization category.
  • You'll continue to find new items and long-standing bestsellers here.


The category Service is now called Individualization:

  • The Village Atlas can now also be found in this category.
  • The two Travel Journals have been moved here.
  • The Special Emotes can now be found under this category.
  • The four NPC summoning scrolls have been moved to the Consumables category.


The category Boosts / Potions is now called Consumables:

  • The Veteran Apothecary Dye has been added.
  • The four NPC summoning scrolls were moved here.
  • You'll also find the newly available experience scrolls here.


The category Appearance is now called Headwear:

  • All face and hair adornment items can now be found here.
  • The Veteran Apothecary Dye has been moved.


The Emotes category has been deleted:

  • Since there are only special emotes for female characters to date, leaving the male category empty, the Emotes category has been removed altogether.
  • The special emotes have all been moved to the Individualization category.


These changes will be active in your TERA Shop from Tuesday, 8th April 2014. See for yourselves!