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Event: Double drop in instances

You asked for it and we are bringing it to you! ... learn more »

IM39 Set with Ventarene Weapon

Available for a short time only: hit the skies with the hi-tech IM39 Prototype while brandishing a brutal Ventarene weapon! ... learn more »

Shop Update: Beach Holiday

Slip into some great beachwear like the Gold Shimmer Bikini or Lifeguard Outfit – now available for a limited time only in 4 great packages! ... learn more »


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Shop Update: Mummy Madness

Terrifying creatures lurk in the mists of the night. Starting today but only until Tuesday, 13th February, you'll find some creepy costumes for your party in the TERA Shop. Wind on some Mummy Bandages, add a flaming skull mask to your outfit, and become a walking incarnation of terror – friend and foe alike will be shivering in their skins!

Package: Frightful Mummy

  • Smart Box: Mummy Bandages
  • Flaming Frostbrand Skull
  • Flaming Hellfire Skull

Package: Dyeable Mummy

  • Smart Box: Dyeable Mummy Bandages
  • Visage of the Firelord
  • Visage of the Frost Baron

Spin into your Mummy Bandages and give your enemies the thrill of their lives!

Have fun,

The TERA Team