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IM39 Sets + Weapons

Available for a short time only: take to the skies with the hi-tech IM39 Prototype and a razor-sharp weapon skin! ... learn more »

Preview: Battle for the Coast

Patch 79: Get ready for even more PvP action! ... learn more »

Event: Guardian Legion Bonus

Earn additional rewards for completing missions for the Guardian Legion. ... learn more »

Wings of Corruption

Open the new surprise box and tame an ancient mighty drake with 2.0 passive effect! ... learn more »

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Shop Update: More Fashion Chests!

We’ve put together two chests each containing a selection of awesome outfits such as the new Pora Elinu Idol. Hit the stage as the next hit megastar or make a splash and become a true Ostgarath Beauty!


Colorful Elin Fashion Chest

Contains one of these nine outfits for Elins:

  • Pora Elinu Idol
  • Winter Princess' Ice Blue Hanbok + Winter Princess' Crystal Bloom
  • Countess Robe + Black Blossom Attire
  • Heavy Metal Star + Cyber Trispectra
  • Arborean College Gear + Smart School Cap
  • Dyeable TERA Squad Leader Uniform + Black Peaked Police Hat
  • Black Maid's Dress
  • White Maid's Dress
  • Dyeable Paw Outfit + Cat Whiskers 

Elin Beach Fun

Contains one of these eleven outfits for Elins:

  • Ostgarath Beauty
  • Designer Shirt
  • Gold Shimmer Bikini and Shirt
  • Gold Shimmer Bikini
  • Dyeable White Stocking Maillot
  • Dyeable Black Stocking Maillot
  • White Stocking Maillot
  • Black Stocking Maillot
  • Patterned Swimsuit
  • Sky Blue Silken Bikini
  • Pink Silken Bikini

Have fun,

The TERA Team