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Shop Update: Ventarene Weapons & Dream Hairstyles

New on the Wheel of Jackpots – now you can hack, slash and saw your way through the enemy ranks. Pick up the brand-new IM39 Ventarene Weapon Skin in industrial silver and bring the sharp teeth to bear on your foes!

Plus you can also pick up Meruma’s Dream Hairstyle voucher. When used, you get to choose exactly which of 7 new hairstyles suits you best, leaving nothing to chance.

Please note that Meruma’s Dream Hairstyle cannot be used by popori, baraka or amani characters.

New Prizes

The following items have been added to the Wheel of Jackpots:

Jackpot segments:

  • [New] Smart Box: Silver IM39 Ventarene Weapon Skin
  • [New] Meruma's Dream Hairstyle

Other Changes

Jackpot segments: 

  •  [Moved to normal segments] Smart Box: Golden Pop Star + Performance Microphone
  • [Moved to normal segments] Smart Box: Dyeable Disco Star + Professional Microphone + Veteran Apothecary Dye

Normal segments:

  • [Removed] Smart Box: Silverflame Armor + Frost Fellhorn Helm
  • [Removed] Smart Box: Sabranak's Weapon Skin + Glacial Wings of the Silver Dragon