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Shop Update: Wings of the Night

Shop Update: Wings of the Night

Open the new surprise box and tame a mighty drake!

Close relatives of the dragon, these fell beasts support you with the infamous 1.5 effect in combat, while they can also overpower enemies at your command with a Corrupting Tide. This skill can be activated once every 24 hours. It provides you a chance to inflict an additional 320,000 damage on critical hits against monsters once per minute for 30 minutes. Get some serious firepower like only a dragon can provide!

Instead of the box, you will receive the contents directly. Please note that some of the contents are not tradeable.



Surprise Box: Mighty Drakes

The Surprise Box may contain one of these items:

  • Torment Skill: Mighty Vulcan Drake (Permanent/7 Days)
  • Torment Skill: Mighty Dusk Drake (Permanent/7 Days)
  • Torment Skill: Mighty Arcane Drake (Permanent/7 Days)
  • Flying Skill: Vulcan Drake (7 Days)
  • Flying Skill: Dusk Drake (7 Days)
  • Flying Skill: Arcane Drake (7 Days)
  • 20x Semi-Enigmatic Scroll
  • 5000x/2500x/1500x Metamorphic Emblem
  • 4x Strong Bravery Potion
  • 5x Strong Canephora Potion
  • 5x Tempestuous Savage Draught
  • 5x Inexorable Savage Draught
  • 3x/2x Goddess’ Blessing
  • 4x Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • 20x Titan’s Earth
  • 20x Titan’s Storm
  • 20x Titan’s Ember
  • 20x Titan’s Ease
  • 3x 100 Vanguard Initiative Credits
  • 5x 50 Vanguard Initiative Credits



Glide through the darkness on the wings of the night and benefit from the hot passive effect!


Have fun,

The TERA Team