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Twitch livestream & Public Test: Patch 74 & Event Dungeon - 07.09.18

Twitch livestream

Want a peek at what awaits you for the upcoming patch? Then join our team on Friday (September 7th) at 06.00 PM CEST for a special Live Stream!


This month’s stream will feature Atmorph (Game Designer) and Baldrov (Quality Assurance Specialist) briefly going over the patch 74 content, and discuss the changes made for the new Event Dungeon, Rift’s Edge: Extreme Excitement Edition (RE:EEE). After the Stream (~1 hour), we’ll be opening up our public test server, and all players can help us test / balance the new dungeon!


Here is the brief content overview for the Live stream:

  • Info: Patch 74: Shadow Sanguinary & Event
  • Show off: new Pet
  • Show off: "RE:EEE" Event Dungeon Info

Rift’s Edge: Extreme Excitement Edition – Your help is needed!

Rift’s Edge will make an exclusive comeback in 2 different difficulties – the normal version for a 10-players raid, and the extreme edition, designed for a 5-player group! But before releasing it for everybody to enter, we’ll need your help to conduct a beta test of sorts this weekend (07.09-09.09)!

Would you like to playtest the changes? Then follow the steps detailed below:

  • You need to have the Steam Version of TERA installed
  • Right-click on TERA in your Library
  • Select Properties
  • Go to the BETAS tab
  • Select “OpenBeta” in the Dropdown menu (will become available on Friday)
  • And finally, join us on our dedicated BETA Discord discord.gg/hrJebPK 

Feedback will be collected, evaluated and if needed applied before the event starts for all players to enjoy!

You can of course live stream your runs if you wish to do so!

Documentation around the dungeon and the to be verified changes / intended behaviour will be shared via the stream and the linked discord.

Don’t miss this out!

The TERA Team

Please note:

  • the Twitch stream and all Event Dungeon Information will be in English only
  • No support is guaranteed during the weekend for Public Test Server issues
  • The Test server might be restarted during the weekend to apply further balancing changes or fixes