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In TERA, there are three types of armor. In comparison to weaponry, where each class has their own, armor can be shared across different classes. Some garments may have varying abilities depending on which class wears them, and armor pieces also have different looks depending on the race and gender you have chosen.



Cloth armor: Sorcerers, mystics, and priests wear cloth armor. It consists of robes, cloth shoes, and sleeves. Of all three armor types, cloth armor offers the least defense. When wearing cloth armor, you should always maintain a certain distance from your target because sometimes even a single blow could be enough to finish you off.

Light armor: Warriors, slayers, archers and reapers wear light armor. It consists of cuirasses, boots, and leather gloves. Light armor offers a medium level of defense. Even if your enemies are close, you can still take less powerful hits and survive.

Heavy armor: Lancers, berserkers and gunners wear heavy armor. It consists of hauberks, greaves, and gauntlets. Heavy armor offers the best defense against attacks. With this armor you're as solid as a rock.





Let's take a look at the item slots. In TERA, you have slots for chest armor, weapon, gloves and shoes, two slots each for earrings and rings, and another for a necklace. There is also one slot each for a brooch, belt and underwear. For enhancement crystals there's a maximum of 12 slots – 4 for chest armor, 4 for weapons and 1 each per ring and earring.

Each class has a unique weapon type that can't be carried by any other class.



When wearing higher leveled armor items, if you have multiple items of the same set, you receive special bonuses. For example, if you wear two, three, four or five set items, you might be granted additional power, defense or similar.

There are sets available for:

  • Weapon, chest armor, gloves, shoes and belt
  • Jewelry




There are two different ways of customizing your gear: you can either dye your items, or pick up costumes using Fashion Coupons.


Fashion Coupons can be exchanged for a wide variety of costumes and weapon skins which can be inserted into the style slots for your armor.

These coupons can be obtained for various activities in TERA, such as completing instances or participating in battlegrounds. Coupons can also be acquired for reputation credits earned via the PvP or alliance system. Right-clicking on the Fashion Coupons opens a selection window with the current costumes and weapon skins for your character.








Some bits of gear can also be dyed: chest armor, shoes, and gloves. To dye a piece of gear, you of course need a dye, which can either be crafted from certain collected materials, or can be purchased directly for Fashion Coupons.

Right-click on the dye to apply it to your gear. Doing so will open a menu, and you can drag the piece of armor inside. If you've chosen a color package, you can now click through the various colors and choose which you like most. The new color of the armor piece can be previewed on your character. You can also find the Veteran Apothecary Dye in the shop, which allows you to select a color to dye your gear with permanently. This dye has sliders allowing you to adjust the color to match your own personal tastes.

Maybe you and your guild members would like to have a representative guild color to show your solidarity. Wouldn't dyeing be the perfect way of doing so? Now go and add some more color to the world of TERA!