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Broken Prison

A dreadful secret lurks in this prison, a secret which the terrifying demon Balbatos plans to keep starting January 19th 2017 with all his might!

Forge ahead across the ruined bridge to the various areas in pursuit of Balbatos. You have been charged with stealing his secret device, but be warned! Your first assaults against Balbatos will be futile. He will flee into the prison, together with the device, leaving you to fend for yourselves against his minions who will try to stop you from pursuing him further.

Dungeon Overview:

  • For 5-player groups
  • Normal mode
  • Teleportal in Oblivion Woods
  • Min. required item level 417
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 bosses
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members


Once you reach the first area, you’ll have to deal with a series of archdevas before Balbatos even bothers to humour you with his presence. Nevertheless, he’ll take to his heals after losing just a few hit points, taking the device with him and leaving you in the hands of Gorgoth.

You’ll recognise a number of attacks from bosses of a similar type. Gorgoth also has a number of other dirty tricks up his sleeve, such as a five-rayed light beam, or an AoE attack which remains on the ground and deals continuous damage when players stand on it.

Over the course of the battle, the combat area will shrink depending on how well you deal with his special fire and lightning attack manoeuvres.

Avoid allowing the fighting area to shrink too far – you’ll need space to dodge many of Gorgoth’s attacks. One example for this is a series of circular AoE attacks.


Directly after the fight against Gorgoth, you’ll once again come up against Balbatos. Again, he won’t hang about, quickly slinking off and leaving behind Molek to deal with you.

Molek similarly has a series of attacks at his disposal which you will recognise from other enemies of his type, but with an additional smattering of extra abilities which might give you a few nasty surprises!

Joy of Molek

The bar displaying the Joy of Molek indicates which skills the boss will bring to the table. Depending on whether the bar is above or below 50, it will continue to move towards 0 or increase to 100. Your reaction to Molek’s attacks will also have an impact on his level of joy.

Keep your eye on this bar and on what Molek says, and you should manage to overcome this challenge so you can press on to meet Balbatos himself!


Having already seen Balbatos make the device disappear a number of times, you can probably already guess that this boss enjoys using the magic of teleportation for his own nefarious purposes in combat. Not only can he teleport the device away, he can also bend the very fabric of space to his own advantage!

Do you remember Kaprima? Many of Balbatos’ attacks are based on Kaprima’s, such as his swings and blows with the scythe, or the deadly rings he lays down around him.

At 95% HP, Balbatos will create a series of floating teleportals which will remain in place for the rest of the fight. While they might not appear to serve any particular purpose initially, they will soon start making life difficult for you.

Balbatos summons Elemental Gates!

When this message appears, the boss will summon a teleportal on the ground near the locations of three party members. The three teleportals are persistent and can only be removed with the aid of another of Balbatos’ attacks. Once the gates have been summoned, the demon will aim attacks against the players. These attacks will destroy the teleportals if they happen to touch them, requiring excellent timing on the part of the players so as to avoid taking massive damage!

This is your end!

After this message, Balbatos will initiate an attack which causes a circle to move through the entire area. The only way to avoid taking damage from this attack is to stand behind an elemental gate. But keep your wits about you! The gates protect anyone behind them from taking damage, but instead the damage will be transported and emitted from the flying portal of the same colour, leaving a harmful area on the ground.

Other Special Features

Once Balbatos drops to 55% HP, he will summon an additional floating portal. By now, the portals will all be coloured white, making it difficult for you to keep tabs on them and tell them apart. At 25% HP, Balbatos starts turning the portals partly invisible, making it impossible to locate them.

Are you ready for Balbatos’ twisted dimension? Either way, we wish you loads of fun with the challenge!


If you thirst for additional details regarding the various mechanics, you can find them in this guide on Essential Mana!

Please note: Essential Mana is a TERA Fansite, without any moderation from Gameforge. Listed rewards are missing our usual regional additions.