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Battleground Overview

"Time slowed to a standstill....a single drop of life-giving blood seemed to take an eternity as it slid down the edge of the dangling blade, pausing momentarily before diving into the thirsty dust below.
Crack! The battle-worn butt of a soldier's sword brought Thelvor out of a daze and back to his senses. The northern base had been secured by the enemy, and it looked like they were pressing hard towards the centre. ‘They're going to make a fight of this after all,‘ Thelvor thought to himself. With a wry smile, Thelvor swung his sword at the soldier, nicking his arm. The dance of death had begun once again…"

TERA's battlegrounds provide a structured environment in which players can prove their PvP prowess by fighting the opposing team and retaining control of the all-important battleground pyres. The first team to reach 5000 points claims victory, as well as a hefty bounty of Bellicarium Credits. Plenty of skill and expertise will be required to fend off your foes during this challenge: do you think you have what it takes? 


Joining the Fight

The battlegrounds, hidden away in the mists of otherwise unreachable lands, are instance-based and can therefore be joined from anywhere in TERA's open world. All one needs to do to access them is click on the battleground matching icon found just underneath the compass. There are two main ways to wage war in the battlegrounds, both of which are quite straightforward and easy to follow.

Party Matching:
This option allows you and a party of up to 5 of your friends to join the fray via the battleground matchmaking system. The opposing team will also be comprised of matched teams, rather than a pre-made raid group of 15 players. When joining this queue, you will receive 80 Bellicarium Credits for a win and 30 for a loss.

Raid Matching:
This method allows you to team up with friends and guild members via TERA's new raid function before even entering the Battleground menu. Once 15 of your friends and guildies have grouped together, you can open up the battleground menu and choose to face off against other pre-made raids. If you're looking for the ultimate challenge, this is the option for you! When joining this queue, you will receive 35 Bellicarium credits for a win, and 15 for a loss.

Taking the Lead:
Before entering the battleground, combatants can signify that they are able to lead their team to victory. The player chosen to lead the team can then rain down meteors that inflict damage and cause slowdown upon his foes. The team leader can also take advantage of a unique ability which highlights their foes on the game's map. Knowing the whereabouts of your opposition can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so be sure to use this ability as often as possible!



Let the Battle Begin!

Having been matched into the game, a 60 second timer will begin to count down, giving everyone a chance to load into the server without missing the start of the match. During this time you can roam around your team's spawn area, however the gates will remain shut, preventing you and your opposition team from taking bases before everyone has loaded into the game. Use this time wisely, draw upon the mystical forces to cast spells and invoke the power of charms. Once the countdown ends, the gates will open and the battle will commence!



Know Your Surroundings

Being familiar with your surroundings and knowing how to best utilise them to your advantage can make all of the difference when fighting a ferocious foe. Let's take a look at Fraywind Canyon map and the features on it.

Your base is your spawn point as well as the location from which you will launch your assaults and to which you will recover after being downed by the opposing team. Each team has one base, your own indicated by a blue flag on the map, and your enemy’s by a red flag.

Critical to victory, pyres are the focal point of all of your efforts in the battlegrounds. If you’re not attacking or defending them, you should be preparing to do one or the other. In order to activate a pyre, approach it and hold the ‘use’ key until the circle surrounding the pyre forms completely. When a pyre is highlighted in blue, your team currently controls it. White highlighted pyres represent neutral objectives rife for the taking. When highlighted red, it means that the opposing team controls the pyre. Prepare to put your life on the line while attempting to reclaim this one.

BAMs & Mobs: 
While you will be facing off primarily against other players in the battlegrounds, there are PvE BAMs and mobs that roam Fraywind Canyon. Not only does killing these mobs add to your total points tally, but it can also provide buffs to you and your team. Be sure to take note of which map icons indicate individual buffs and which indicate team buffs. However, strategy will come into play here: Do you strengthen your frontline by capturing and defending pyres with your team, or spend valuable time killing mobs to gather buffs?  You and your team will have to decide…


Battleground User Interface

TERA already provides you with much of the information you need to know in order to be successful in a PvP environment. With that said, there are a few additional pieces of information that the game provides during a round of battleground play.

The score progression bar indicates how many points towards the goal of 5000 your team has accumulated.

Pyre Count:
This displays how many of the 3 pyres on the map your team currently controls, as well as how many the opposing team commands.

As soon as the base gates open, a timer begins. Each battleground match can take a maximum of 25 minutes. If neither team has reached 5000 points during this time, the team that comes closest will be declared the winner.



Scoring Points

Disabling the opposing team’s players is all well and good when playing in the battlegrounds, but is it the best way to race to victory? We’ll leave that decision up to you. Below you can find out how to score points and earn your victory.

One thing to bear in mind is that there are two scoring systems in battlegrounds: team scoring and the individual player score.

Team Score
The team score determines which team will win the match.

Killing a player = 5 Points
Capturing a pyre = 200 Points
Controlling more pyres than the other team will result in the following distributions: 

  • 1 more pyre = 3 points per second
  • 2 more pyres = 5 points per second 
  • 3 more pyres = 7 points per second

Killing BAMs and mobs on the battlefield will result in the following point distributions: 

  • Naga BAM = 600 points
  • Teralith = 50 points
  • Norma monster = 10 points

Player Score
Player score represents an individual’s contribution towards winning a round. This way, even if the rest of your team plays a lousy match, you can still come away with a reasonable haul of goodies at the end.

  • Killing a player = 300 points
  • Assisting with a killing player = 150 points
  • Capturing a pyre = 500 points

At the end of the round, your player score will be calculated and you will receive 1% of it in Bellicarium credits. It's worth noting that the following caps are placed upon the number of credits that you can earn this way, per round. 

  • 50 Bellicarium credits for party-matched battles
  • 30 Bellicarium credits for raid-matched battles



Victory Has Been Declared

Once a team reaches 5000 points or the timer runs out, a window will pop up displaying a number of stats and information about the match. Most of the information shown is straightforward and needs no further explanation. However, there are one or two points that are worth drawing attention to.

  • Match ranking ranks all of the players on either team from 1 to 15 in terms of how much they contributed towards their team’s victory. Player score is used to determine this.
  • The banner between the ranking and the character name indicates the team leader.
  • Sites Captured: This indicates the number of times a player/team has captured a pyre. Note that it is possible for more than one person to capture a pyre at once.
  • Contribution represents the credits received due to your player score.
  • Assists are awarded to players who deal damage to an opponent within 10 seconds prior to the opponent’s death.
  • Team leaders can receive an additional reward of 30 credits if they lead their team to victory

Bellicarium credits can then be redeemed at the battleground vendors for great new goodies. 


Battleground Ranking

Not only is your character’s battleground progress tracked within a match, there is also continued tracking that takes place over a period of 90 days. During this time, the top 100 battleground players per server will be placed on a leaderboard, displaying all of their accomplishments for the word to see. Once again, this information is quite straightforward. However, there are a few things worth mentioning.

• The battleground rankings are updated every 7 days
• "Sites captured" represents the number of pyres a player has captured
• Battleground ranking can be accessed via the ‘Activites’ menu option



Tips and Tricks for Battleground Enthusiasts

The following items cannot be used in battlegrounds:

Scroll of SavageryScroll of CarvingScroll of ImpactScroll of Swiftness
Fleetfoot ScrollWarding ScrollCurative ScrollScroll of Tenacity
Caduceus ScrollMajor Curative ScrollMajor Scroll of TenacityMajor Caduceus Scroll
Scroll of DashVarious HP/MP PotionsHeart PotionsUnfocusing Bomb
Bramblefoot Bomb   


It's important to bear the following in mind: 

  • Defeating a rival guild or guild Vanarch in the battlegrounds does not contribute towards your GvG Vanarch score. The battlegrounds are a place for unhindered PvP combat.
  • If a team is pinned back in their base, they will automatically receive buffs in order to help them break free and capture a pyre. As they begin to gain more ground, the buff that they received will be removed.
  • The more players you have capturing a pyre, the sooner the progress bar will complete.



It's Time to Fight!

We hope you have a great time showing off exactly how great a PvP player you are in the battelgrounds, and enjoy collecting Bellicarium credits to trade in for amazing new items!