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Welcome to TERA!

Welcome, brave hero! This introduction is designed to give you an overview of the most important aspects of the game and make it easier for you to find your feet in the exciting world of Arborea. Even if you’re familiar with other MMORPGs, TERA has plenty for you to explore and discover!


The Launcher

The first step to starting your adventures in TERA is to install the launcher. This will download the game for you and keep it up to date with all the latest patches.

In addition to useful information and the latest news, you can also find out from within the launcher which servers are currently online by clicking on ‘Settings’ → ‘Server status’.

Our weekly server maintenance is normally scheduled for Tuesdays, but we always announce this a day in advance.

If you have any problems with the game, such as patches not installing correctly, you can repair your installation under ‘Settings’ → ‘Basic settings’. This will automatically check all of the game files and, where necessary, redownload any missing or corrupted versions.

Four Game Worlds

There are currently four game worlds available. You must choose one before creating a character.

  • Killian: PvP-Server, Englisch / International
  • Mystel: PvE Server, English
  • Yurian: PvE Server, German
  • Seren: PvE Server, French


All servers are connected via a matchmaking system, allowing players from different servers to play together in an instance or battleground.

  • PvP Servers: All players are free to attack and kill other players in the open world.
  • PvE Servers: PvP is only possible on battlegrounds or in mutually agreed duels.

Locating Quest Goals

On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll find a quest menu providing an overview of all your current goals.

Clicking on certain lines of text, such as enemy names, will mark them on the map for you, making it easy to track down the requirements for your quest.


Chain Skills

The system of chain skills in TERA is at once intuitive and challenging! After you’ve used a skill on an opponent, you can then execute a chain skill by hitting the space bar.

Some combinations can be used after dodging or blocking attacks, for example, while others can be used after you’ve been knocked down. It’s all a question of timing!

Using the chain skill system to its full potential can be vital to mastering many difficult situations!




Travelling through Arborea

Moving around in the world of TERA can be a delight of its own, especially given that you can travel around on foot, mounted up, flying through the air, or using teleportation.

You’ll receive your first mount shortly after leaving Stepstone Isle, but later on there are lots more opportunities for more, including a quest which will grant you a winged mount, allowing you soar into the heavens and enjoy Arborea from an entirely new perspective.

Members of the TERA Club also have access to an atlas for the duration of their membership which will whisk them away to any chosen city in TERA in the blink of an eye!

For more information, check out our guide.


Enchanting Equipment

Wherever you happen to find yourself in the game world, you can always improve your equipment by enchanting your gear. Simply select ‘Enchant’ from the menu, or hit T on the keyboard to get started. You need three types of item for enchanting your gear:

  • The gear you want to enchant
  • Alkahest and Feedstock

For more information, check out our enchantment guide.



TERA is a free-to-play MMORPG, meaning players are free to enjoy and play the game without paying. In order to continue developing the game, as well as covering the costs of running the servers, we offer a variety of cosmetic items which players have the option of purchasing.

The TERA Shop can be opened from inside the game by clicking on the symbol next to the settings cogs in the main menu. Here you can browse through a wide variety of costumes, pets and mounts. Click TOP UP TERA THALERS in the top-right of the shop menu to purchase the required premium currency.

Various costumes and weapon skins can also be picked up in game in exchange for Fashion Coupons.

You can try on and preview all of the costumes, mounts, weapon skins and more in the Dressing Room. Here you can find out how the cosmetic gear will look on your character when walking, running, sitting and fighting.


The TERA Forum

TERA has its own forum, a place where players and community managers can get together to chat about the game. For questions, suggestions, bug reports and anything else related to the game, the forum is the right place to make your voice heard.

Just set up a forum account (not linked to your game account) and introduce yourself to your fellow players!

Visit introductions sub-forum



Via the BuddyUp! system you can receive a code from a player with a higher level than you, and enter it for your character.

Doing so will grant both you and the person who sent the code free items in the game when your character reaches a new level!

You can find more details on the reward levels in the game by pressing U on your keyboard then clicking the ‘BuddyUp!’ tab. This is also where you can create your own code for passing on to friends.


If you’re looking for a buddy, you can also try checking out the forums. Lots of players post their codes there – simply click on your server to find one:

Killian - PvP / EN Mystel - PvE / EN Yurian - PvE / DE Seren - PvE / FR

More Useful Info

  • Patch notes are published on the official TERA website a few days before each big update, providing details of the upcoming changes and features. You can find an archive of previous patch notes here.
  • If you ever have problems with the game or your account, you can contact Support at any time (this requires a new account not linked to your game account). A member of the team will deal with your query and try to help you with the problem as far as possible.
  • We regularly publish news updates, fan art and other exciting developments on our social media channels. You can find and follow them here:
  • On special occasions, such as TERA’s anniversary or for large patches, you’ll receive special codes per email or find them in the relevant news articles. These codes can be redeemed in the game to unlock items for your character.
    • Head over to the old account management section.
    • Here you can click on ‘Enter Code’ to bring up a menu for redeeming your code.
    • If you entered the code correctly, you’ll receive confirmation. Shortly afterwards the items will be available to collect from the Item Claim in the game!