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The Celestial Arena

Welcome to the Celestial Arena, adventurer! Are you prepared to tackle twelve challenges before the time runs out? To join in the fray, speak to Gaderong, the arena guide for the Celestial Arena in Highwatch!

Any player who has reached level 65 can enter the solo arena, although an item level of 355 is required for the Vanguard Initiative's quest. Once you have entered the instance and prepared yourself for the upcoming race against time, you can start the challenge by telling Gaderong that you're ready.

Dungeon Overview:

  • One-player instance
  • Teleportal in Highwatch
  • Min. item level of 355 required
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 12 rounds
  • 2 daily entries, 2 for TERA Club members

The Challenge Begins

The countdown begins right at the start, and you'll have exactly 12 minutes to complete all 12 rounds.

You will be attacked by many types of enemies, and you'll face a number of challenging situations.

Some will require you to kill as many enemies as possible in 30 seconds. New enemies are spawned constantly, and the round ends after 30 seconds (no matter how many enemies you've killed).

In another encounter, you will have to defeat all the monsters spawned before the round can be completed successfully.

Muhrak the blacksmith will fight alongside you in the arena and draw the attention of particularly nasty opponents. Stick around him to plough through hordes of enemies together.

Equal Chances for Healers and Damage Dealers

Various bonuses have been built in so that all players and characters can take part in these challenges.

Healing classes like Mystics and Priests benefit from an effect that increases attack speed for the duration of your stay in this dungeon.

Additionally, all classes get their HP refilled after each successful round. An MP regeneration effect ensures that your battle energy is continually replenished.


Depending on the total number of points achieved, you'll receive various tokens and items. The better you fare, the more rewards will be bestowed upon you!

The tokens, which are also available from quests on the Island of Dawn, can be exchanged for equipment crafting materials as well as glyphs and jewellery.

Name & Requirement


  • Won in the Celestial Arena
  • Item level: 355
  • Repeatable
  • 20 Tier 8 feedstock
  • 200 Gold
  • 35 Credits
  • 20 Undershade Tokens


In addition to the usual achievements, such as "Won in the Celestial Arena 10 times," there are also a few more difficult to achieve objectives.

For the challenge "Spotted the Hyena," you must meet three requirements: First you must enter a round with Shadow Hyenas in it (up to chance), then you must position yourself in an automatically spawned totem in order to see the hyenas – finally, of course, you must defeat them!



  • Won 10 Times
  • Won in the Celestial Arena 10 times.
  • I Work Best Alone
  • Won in the Celestial Arena 100 times.
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Hunt 20 Tuwangi Chieftains in the Celestial Arena.
  • Spotted the Hyena
  • Hunt 400 Shadow Hyenas in the Celestial Arena.