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Challenge Dungeon

There's a new variety of dungeon making its entry into TERA! The new patch will introduce level 65 solo dungeons in which players must take on one or two challenges as they choose. The Challenge Dungeon has two distinct versions: Akasha's Hideout and the Golden Labyrinth.

Depending on how many challenges you choose to face, and how well you handle them, you'll receive a ranking. The higher the rank, the more medals you'll receive in reward at the end. There are three different missions available:

BAM Sham

In this challenge you simply have to dodge as many boss monster attacks as possible. The ranks are arranged as follows:
  • S+: 0–9 hits received
  • S: 10–29 hits received
  • A: 30–79 hits received
  • B: 80–199 hits received
  • C: 200+ hits received

Speed Racer

In this challenge you need to complete the instance as quickly as possible to get the best ranking. You'll need to post the following times:
  • S+: 0 to 2:59 minutes
  • S: 3 minutes to 4:59 minutes
  • A: 5 minutes to 6:59 minutes
  • B: 7 minutes to 7:59 minutes
  • C: longer than 8 minutes

Combo Lock

The third option relies on you stringing together the highest combo possible. You'll need to chain together as many attacks as you can muster without interruption. Only the single longest combo counts, so even if you achieve one 20-hit and one 35-hit combo, only the latter will count. At the end you'll get a ranking based on this combo:
  • S+: 150-hit combo or more
  • S: 100-hit combo or more
  • A: 50-hit combo or more
  • B: 20-hit combo or more
  • C: 19-hit combo or fewer

Rank Rewards

Depending on the rank you achieve in your challenges, you'll receive a different number of medals in reward:
  • S+: 110 medals
  • S: 105 medals
  • A: 100 medals
  • B: 80 medals
  • C: 30 medals

If you choose to take on two challenges at once, then you'll receive rewards for both ranks achieved.

You can also choose to take on a challenge selected at random, in which case you'll get an additional 10% medal bonus. Just be warned: taking this option will automatically activate two challenges!

The medals can be exchanged for various items, with the relevant store being opened from the group finding window.

One last note on the side: the number of daily entries is reduced by one as soon as you enter the dungeon, rather than when you encounter the first enemy as with other dungeons!




  • Assault Baracos!
  • 8 Tier 8 Feedstock
  • 100 Gold
  • 15 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points
  • 10 Shadecore Tokens
  • Assault Akasha!
  • 8 Tier 8 Feedstock
  • 100 Gold
  • 15 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points
  • 10 Shadecore Tokens

Possible Loot

Standard / Random Regional / 100% probability
  • Spellbind VIII
  • Master Enigmatic Scroll VIII
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Elleon's Mark of Valor
  • Tier 8 Feedstock




  • Long Time No See
  • Defeated Baracos in the Golden Labyrinth.
  • Lord of the Labyrinth
  • Defeated Baracos in the Golden Labyrinth 10 times.
  • Caimans Up to Here
  • Defeated 500 Armored Azure Caimans in the Golden Labyrinth.
  • Up to Your Neck in Caimans
  • Defeated 2000 Armored Azure Caimans in the Golden Labyrinth.




  • Nice to Meet You
  • Defeated Nightmare Akasha in Akasha's Hideout.
  • Lord of the Hideout
  • Defeated Nightmare Akasha in Akasha's Hideout 10 times.