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Crystal System

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are enhancement items which you can attach to your equipment in order to improve your character’s chances of survival in a variety of ways. Crystals allow you to improve the strengths that your class already possesses, or they can be used to overcome weaknesses of your class. They allow you to customize your play style in a very detailed way. Crystals are consumable items, meaning that if your character dies, they could be destroyed.


Crystal Types

There are three types of crystals – blue, red and green.

  • Blue crystals are defensive crystals and can be embedded into armor items.
  • Red crystals are offensive crystals and can be placed into weapons.
  • Green crystals can be put into some high-level accessories like rings and earrings and have various effects.



Crystals can be common, rare or anything between. The rarer the crystal, the more beneficial it is. As you progress through the game, you will come across more powerful versions of crystals that you will have already seen. What is truly spectacular about the crystal system is that certain crystals only activate under certain circumstances, which adds a completely different dimension to character customisation and requires a much more strategic approach than the simple “+10 to strength” you commonly see in MMOs.


How To Use Them

Crystals can either be bought from a crystal merchant, or they can be picked up when dropped by monsters. Sometimes quests even offer crystals as a reward. As for the green accessory crystals, you can obtain them at the reputation stores or from monsters. Different versions and levels can be found at different shops.

First of all, please note that not all armor items and weapons have the same number of crystal sockets available. The number of sockets varies according to item quality. To see how many slots an item has, open your profile (P). Next to your equipped weapon, armor or accessory, you’ll find the crystal slots. You can only use the slots that don’t have a lock. Armor and weapons can have up to four sockets, and accessories at most one.

So if you want to attach a crystal to your gear, just right-click on the crystal in your inventory (I). Now the crystal is socketed! Some pieces of equipment can be embedded with more than one of the same type of crystal, whereas others have a limit on this. If you want to change the crystal, you can just right-click on the crystal in your profile and it’ll be added to your inventory again.


Time And Place

As the subtitle suggests, certain types of crystals will only activate once a certain condition has been met. This could be anything from not being in combat to attacking your enemy from behind. Whatever the condition may be, once it is satisfied, the bonuses are more rewarding than those from regular crystals.

Here are some examples of conditions that must be met to activate certain crystals:


Attack from behind

The attack power of a player is increased if attacking from behind.







This type of crystal activates when the player’s opponent is knocked down, increasing damage until they get up again. Also, certain crystals are only activated if the player is knocked down by an enemy attack.





Monsters become enraged when in extended combat. Not only does the monster turn red, but their speed and damage also increase, meaning that the player has to take appropriate measures. This is where the crystal comes into play! A player with this type of crystal has increased defence when the enemy becomes enraged..





A Crystal For Every Occasion

TERA’s world is littered with monsters in all manner of shapes, and more importantly, sizes. The size of your enemy can play an important role in whether or not your crystal is going to work. TERA’s monsters come in three sizes: small minions, medium/regular monsters, and lastly your big, bad, and ugly boss monsters. It’s important that you mix and match your crystals to suit the location and situation. That increased damage rating means nothing if it only works against small monsters and the big boss monster you’re facing makes Godzilla look like a cute puppy.

Here’s an example of a few monster-related crystals:





Attacking Groups Of Small Monsters

Domineering Rhomb
Damage rating is increased when attacking small monsters.



Squelching Rhomb
Increased critical damage when attacking small monsters. 




Facing A Boss

Dauntless Cabochon
If knocked down by a boss monster, there is a chance that a protective shield will form around you.



Acrimonious Cabochon
Increased critical damage when attacking boss monsters.




Green Crystals

Physical Essence
Maximum HP is increased.



Teachings of Hypocrisy
Damage increases when hitting a PC (player character).


Of course, these are just a few examples of the vast variety you’ll find in TERA. This system will help you to customize your character and make them fit your playing style. The right crystal at the right time can make all the difference!