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Crafting and Gathering – What are the Benefits?

The benefits of gathering are numerous:

  • It can bestow you with different buffs, which can be useful while questing or exploring dungeons
  • The plants and ores can be used to craft items
  • The materials can be sold in the auction house

Learning and upgrading a profession has multiple uses. You can:

  • Craft your own equipment
  • Brew potent potions using difficult alchemic formulas
  • Sell the crafted items, which can be very valuable depending on the recipe used


TERA_Crafting_410_img_01_fix_01Gathering from a Verdra-node


TERA_Crafting_410_img_02_DEThe compass displaying different gathering nodes

Gathering – Nodes

There are three resources in TERA; Plants, Ores, and Energy. Each resource has a different node that can be harvested. These nodes are displayed on the radar.

  • Plant nodes have a green dot
  • Ore nodes have an orange dot
  • Energy nodes have a blue dot

Normally each node can only be harvested once. But ‘plentiful’ nodes can be harvested up to three times!

Successfully gathered nodes ‘drop’ some of their resources. For example gathering from a ‘Sun Essence’ node can drop one to three ‘Sun Essence’.

There is also the possibility of uncommon resources dropping, like ‘Essential Mana’, while harvesting at a ‘Sun Essence’. The higher your proficiency in each skill, the higher the possibility of getting such special items.


Gathering – Levels and Buffs

Each gathering skill can be independently levelled up to 300.

To level your energy skill, you have to find an energy node and harvest from it. If you succeed, your level will increase 2-3 points, and you’ll get an additional buff.

Your proficiency for each profession can be seen in the profile menu (P), under the ‘Gathering’ tab.

While harvesting from these nodes, you can receive a different buff each time a resource is successfully gathered. These buffs can increase HP-regeneration, movement speed, Stamina, and have other similar beneficial effects. They can also stack multiple times, providing increased effectiveness.


TERA_Crafting_410_img_04Possible Buffs


TERA_Crafting_410_img_09The achievement and the three rewards

Gathering – Achievements and Halos

A cool ‘benefit’ to the gathering system is the achievements you can get for it;

Upon reaching level 300 with one skill, a special decorative item is sent to your inbox.

  • For the mining skill a ‘Angel Halo’ is received
  • For the plants skill a ‘Flower Band’ is received
  • For the energy skill an ‘Faerie Globe’ is received

Plus, upon reaching level 300 with every gathering skill, an additional row in your inventory is unlocked!

So, besides getting materials that can either be sold or used for crafting, special awards are waiting to be unlocked!


TERA_Crafting_410_img_10Extracting cloth out of a tier 12 sleeve.


In addition to the 3 gathering professions, there is also the ability to extract resources out of items. There are 4 different extraction categories: cloth, metal, leather, and alchemy.

To level these skills, ‘Lesson: Tier 1 Metal Extraction’ scrolls can either be bought from ‘General Merchants’ or dropped by BAMs, bosses, and normal monsters. 

When extracting from an item using ‘Cloth Extraction’, a pile of cloth will be dropped into your inventory, while using ‘Alchemy Extraction’ will provide crystals and similar items.

Every extraction skill can be applied to every equipment type, e.g. players can extract from a bow using ‘Cloth Extraction’ and from sleeves using ‘Alchemy Extraction’.


Crafting – The Professions

After gathering all these resources, they can be used to level up the different crafting professions as well as craft useful items.

There are five different professions in TERA that can be learned: Alchemy, Alliance Supplies, Weaponcrafting, Armorcrafting and Etching.

Many recipes require another resource in addition to the ones you’ve gathered: runes. Runes are dropped by normal monsters and BAMs, as well as by bosses in dungeons.

TERA_Crafting_410_img_11The different crafting districts in the three cities.

Crafting – Levelling and Creating

Crafting districts exist in each of the three major cities. They can be found in the bottom left corner in Kaiator, in the top right corner in Allemantheia and on the top and bottom in Velika.

To level the different crafting profession, merchants in these crafting districts have special recipes. To level the ‘Tailoring’ profession, approach the ‘Tailoring Patterns’ merchant, and buy the ‘Design: Verdracloth’. With this recipe, the ‘Tailoring’ profession can be levelled from level 1 to level 50, upon which the next recipe can be used.

The same NPC sells different designs for robes, shoes, or sleeves. These recipes can also be found in dungeons and are dropped by normal mobs and BAMs. Checking out the auction house from time to time can also provide you with good designs.

Once the recipe is selected and all the necessary resources are gathered, you’ll either have to approach a campfire or interact with a crafting machine suitable for that profession.

Choose a recipe and click on ‘Create’ to make the desired item, possibly levelling this profession even more.


New with the Reaper (patch 26.04):


The maximum level of all crafting skills has been increased.

For now on you'll be able to level up all crafting skills to 500. In addition, each character can level up one profession to 800.
Whilst crafting items up to now always generated the same number of skill points, crafting designs have now been given new promotion points. This means that crafting more difficult items or ones which require more valuable materials also produces more promotion points.

Each crafting profession can now create items that are necessary for the other crafting skills:

  • Alchemy Crafting Oil: Made by artisan alchemists and used by artisan weaponsmiths.
  • Weapon Crafting Oil: Made by artisan weaponsmiths and used by artisan armorsmiths.
  • Armor Crafting Oil: Made by artisan armorsmiths and used by artisan etchers.
  • Etching Crafting Oil: Made by artisan etchers and used by artisan alchemists.

The necessary new materials can be gathered from existing resources, or found in chests in the following instances:

  • Wonderholme, Channelworks, Shattered Fleet, Kezzel's Gorge, Balder's Temple
  • Corsairs' Stronghold, Kumasylum
  • Nexus Traverse
  • Alliance Vault

From Apprentice to Artisan

Starting at level 500 you can select one crafting skill which you'd like to become an artisan at. This allows you to learn special designs, enabling you can craft particularly valuable items. You need to pass a test to become an artisan. On reaching level 800, you can also take a master's test and become a master artisan.

You may also choose another skill to train up to artisan level. In this case, you first need a special item which reduces your current artisan skill to level 500, and then you can train the other one. This will, however, remove all artisan-level designs from your previous artisan skill, which would then need to be relearned.
Designs above level 500 can be learned in artisan shops. Level 800 artisan designs can only be earned in the new dungeons.

Production points

Every character receives production points which are used up when gathering and crafting. Five production points are replenished every five minutes, whether the character is logged in or not. This equates to 1,440 production points per day. You can also purchase Elinu's Tears from the merchant Humtan in Velika, which regenerates 1,000 production points.

Critical success

Starting with level 500 you have the chance of a critical success when crafting. A critical success increases the value of the crafted item. The use of a Universal Additive when crafting increases the chance of a critical success.

The equipment crafted with a critical success is required to create even more valuable equipment. Other materials required for crafting high value items can also in part be acquired via critical successes.

Etching (available from level 60)

Etching is a new skill which enables the crafting of improvements for level 60 equipment items. A series of quests, starting with Kundra in Kaiator, opens up the world of etching to you and starts you off at level 400.

Etchings can be crafted for the following equipment:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Gloves
  • Footwear

Etchings increase strength, critical hit rate, monster aggro, attack speed, healing, endurance, maximum HP and critical hit resistance. These can be crafted in 3-day or even permanent form. A critical success is needed for the crafting of permanent etchings. The basic materials for etchings (Straw Scarabs, Aurora Scarabs, Elemental Scarabs) can be found when gathering plants, ores and essences of all types. These scarabs are ground down to powders for use.

Etching examples:

Weapon Etching: Energetic II

  • Increases attack speed by 2.5% and decreases skill cooldown by 2%.

Glove Etching: Carving II

  • Increases crit rate by 12.

Armor Etching: Relentless II

  • Increases max HP by 3,200.

Footwear Etching: Grounded II

  • Increases endurance by 5.