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Thaumetal Refinery

Discover dark secrets and be witness to the macabre experiments taking place in Thaumetal Refinery, one of the newest dungeons. Battle your way through the jungle to face Birchback, then follow the path through to the refinery and take on Lehnym, the hulking miner. Finally, climb aboard a mining cart and make your way to Gaaruksalk himself!


Normal mode Hard mode
For 5-player groups
Teleportal in Val Oriyn > Savage Reach > Pools of Zurusuru
Min. required item level 431 Min. required item level 439
Accessible from level 65
3 bosses
2 daily entries, 4 for club members 1 daily entry, 2 for club members

In this preview we’re going to give you an overview based on the dungeon’s normal mode. The hard mode comes with a few extra surprises in store…


Birchback stands protecting the entrance to the refinery from any and all intruders. As soon as you’ve cleared the jungle and taken the leap of faith off the cliff, you’ll have to confront this hulking primate.

In addition to a range of regular attacks with his fists, Birchback has a selection special attacks in his repertoire. Right from the start he’ll leap into the air, smashing all players to the edge of the combat area upon landing.

Next he’ll prepare for an attack through the entire area, leaving only a small safe space directly around the boss. You’ll need to make the unlikely choice of running to the ape for safety.

Another of the boss’ core mechanics relates to the banana tree which appears in the middle of the arena as soon as the displayed timer reaches 50 seconds for the first time.

From this moment on, a banana will appear above the head of a random player (but never the tank) every 20 seconds. After 10 seconds this will then drop to the ground and should best be placed somewhere in the area where no party members are liable to slip on it.

You can however use the banana skins on the floor to your advantage and cause the boss to slip. Birchback will follow a player around when they are marked with a large eye above their heads. The effect all depends on what happens next:

  • The boss reaches the player unharmed. In this case he’ll wind up for an attack through the entire area, dealing high percentage damage and briefly stunning all players.
  • The boss slips on a banana skin and flies through the area without hitting the tree. He’ll slam into the floor, sending all players into the air and dealing minor damage.
  • The boss slips on a banana skin, flies through the area and hits the tree. This will stun the boss for 8 seconds and leave him unable to attack. The banana tree will be destroyed and reappear only after a number of seconds.


After you’ve defeated Birchback , navigate the tunnels leading to the refinery and take on the loyal miner Lehnym!

Lehnym’s pride and joy is a mysterious device located in the middle of the room. While fighting Lehnym, the device will repeatedly fire red and blue laser beams through the area.

All party members will be surrounded by a bubble of red or blue energy. The lasers from the device will not harm anyone whose energy bubble is the same color as the beam.

At regular intervals, an ore crystal will appear above one of the players which needs to be placed in the room. Later multiple crystals will appear. A laser beam which hits this ore will instantly change color.

For example, if the laser beam is red and you’re wearing a blue bubble, then stand such that the laser beam hits the crystal and changes its color before hitting you.

Lehnym’s other attacks are the familiar stone throws and energy spheres characteristic of this enemy type.



Once Lehnym has been sent back to his mining, you continue your journey in a mining cart which will deliver you swiftly and relatively safely to a group of archdevans in the belly of the research facility. Defeat them and you can progress along the corridor to the mysterious researcher’s laboratory, who will then unleash his latest experiment on you!

Gaaruksalk will maul you with the razor-sharp claw attacks of his right hand, and pound you into mincemeat with the mace-like appendage of his left. It’s irrelevant whether you try closing the gap or distancing yourself, standing next to or even behind him – Cyrux will make your life a misery.

During the fight, the color of the cylinders on his back will change, and some of his attacks will alter to suit the color.

If the cylinders fill with blue liquid, he will launch relatively compact attacks, the circular AoE only inflicting damage in the middle ring, the beam only within the marked area.

But if the cylinders fill with red liquid, Gaaruksalk will use more attacks which encompass the entire area.

During the battle, large biotanks will spawn in the combat area. It’s possible that some of the experiments inside could get loose… but we don’t want to spoil too much.

Take on the terrors of the refinery and annihilate Gaaruksalk!