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Demokron Factory

In this preview to the patch Ominous Shadows we're turning our attention to the new instance for seven-player groups: the Demokron Factory. With both normal and hard modes available, this location offers scope for earning materials for crafting equipment. Fight your way into the depths of the laboratory and annihilate Verno!

Dungeon Factsheet:

  • For 7-player groups
  • Teleportal in Arx Umbra
  • Min. item level of 397/409 required
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 bosses
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for TERA Club members

You'll first make your way through a hole in the wall to reach a passageway with flickering lights, guarded by a few archdevas. Battle your way past these enemies, making sure not to lose your way in the darkness.

Vera and Prima

The first boss fight pits you straight up against two opponents: Vera, a fearsome tank, and Prima, a ferocious mage. This tag-team is looking forward to showing you the true meaning of pain.

Prima has an array of other mages' abilities at her disposal. She can summon lumbering magical spheres, cast explosive spells, and scatter players with area of effect attacks. Sometimes she'll take a special dislike to particular party members and send fire and ice projectiles in their direction.

Vera, on the other hand, targets individual players with his lance, whilst repeatedly creating poisonous pools beneath him. Anyone who comes into contact with the poison will suffer a harmful effect which reduces their defence for one minute and can stack up to ten times. The pools of poison only disappear at the end of the fight, so you'll need to be extra nimble on your toes.

Get your thinking caps on when deciding how to tackle these two bosses and minimise the effectiveness of their skills – maybe you can find a way to split them up?

Should you defeat these two nefarious creatures, don't forget to open the rewards chest in the area before pressing forward into the next zone in the instance!

Shortly afterwards you'll find the road barred by a few demokrons, but your journey to the next boss is a relatively short one. Just keep clear of the poisonous areas on the ground.


The next boss to stand in your way is the crab Odon. He'll try to make your lives miserable, employing lots of poison attacks.

Bilious green pincers, blows left and right – fairly standard attacks as it goes. But watch out! Dakuryon's experiments have given Odon some really nasty extras.

During the length of the fight, smaller crabs will be summoned which leave the ground behind them polluted. Step on these areas and you'll receive a debuff called 'Contaminated Water' which reduces your power by 50% and your attack speed by 70% for thirty seconds!

That's not all. Odon has some other nasty tricks up his sleeve. He can reduce your movement speed by 50% or curtail your healing by 50% whilst you receive percentage damage. Fortunately, all of these effects can be removed... maybe that second healer wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Once Odon has been defeated, it's out of the frying pan and into the stinking, polluted water. Don't worry, you won't receive any permanent damage from these exploits. Aside from a few little surprises, the remaining path to Verno is largely clear of enemies.


Have you even visited the Ghillieglade? Dakuryon certainly seems to be well acquainted with the place; in Verno, he has somehow managed to create a mutated form of Banyakas.

It should come as no surprise that many of Verno's skills are reminiscent of Banyakas'. The blows in front of him, or the shockwaves sent left and right from his hands are typical examples.

Make sure that you always keep a player directly in front of Verno during the fight. Otherwise, the boss will cry out three times and buff himself with effects such as increased defence and power. You'll be able to tell when this happens because certain elements on Verno will start to glow.

Verno can cast circular area attacks in front of him or at the edge of the fighting area. In contrast to his alter ego in Ghillieglade, he can also fire his energy beam in four directions at once.

As the battle progresses, the ground will be covered in zones which will cause a bomb to be displayed above your head if you step on them. If you don't manage to remove this within five seconds, it'll explode. Occasionally Verno will also send out laser beams left and right which start to spin around him. These beams can't be jumped over, so you'll have to evade them if you're to avoid being hit.

Near the end of this encounter, Verno will summon additional monsters. That's bad enough, but it's compounded by the fact that they inflict a harmful effect which inverts your controls. Add that to the twirling laser beams and things can quickly go pear-shaped if you're not careful. Keep your cool, get your healer to reverse the reversal, and finish the job on Verno.

This preview only gives you a taster of the perils waiting for you in Verno's Lab. But just as with the preview for the Shadow Sanguinary, the list of boss skills is by no means exhaustive, merely a soupçon of flavours to whet your appetites for the upcoming challenges!






  • Conquer the Demokron Factory
  • 20 Tier 9 Feedstock
  • 240 Gold
  • 40 Vanguard Initiative Credits
  • 35 Noctenium Infusions
  • Conquer the Nightmare Demokron Factory
  • 25 Tier 9 Feedstock
  • 280 Gold
  • 50 Vanguard Initiative Credits
  • 85 Noctenium Infusions

Listed Rewards might not yet be final.




  • Defeat Verno
  • Defeat Verno.
  • Just Can't Look
  • Defeat Vera or Prima 20 times.
  • Awards the title: Third Wheel
  • Are you lost?
  • Find the hidden child.
  • Defeat Odon's Creature
  • Defeat 100 small crabs near Odon.
  • Dukuyron's Notes
  • Find and read all 4 notes.

Please note that the names listed here for both modes may differ from the names in the game.




  • Defeat Nightmare Verno
  • Defeat Nightmare Verno.
  • Yuck!
  • Experience the "Vomit" debuff once.
  • Pizza Maker
  • Experience the "Vomit" debuff 10 times.
  • Hello Pigeons
  • Experience the "Vomit" debuff 20 times.
  • Awards the title: Spew Crew
  • Need Medication Now
  • Experience the "Vomit" debuff 50 times.
  • Awards the title: Hot Mess
  • Defeat Nightmare Odon's Creature
  • Defeat 200 small crabs near Odon.
  • Awards the title: A Crab Trap
  • Just Can't Look, Really
  • Defeat Vera or Prima 20 times.
  • Awards the title: Splitter
  • Why are you here?
  • Find the hidden child.
  • It is I, the Bomb
  • Experience "Skin Explosion" and receive damage 10 times.
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Experience "Skin Explosion" and receive damage 20 times.
  • There is a Spy among us
  • Receive "Skin Explosion" from other players and receive damage 10 times.
  • Get away from Me!!
  • Receive "Skin Explosion" from other players and receive damage 20 times.
  • Awards the title: Ground Zero

Please note that the names listed here for both modes may differ from the names in the game.