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Want to face off against the powerful monster and human opponents, but always be perfectly equipped? Then just wait for the arrival of patch 57: Vergos’s Revenge! Within the first week of July you’ll find Vergos as well as a new dual effects system available in TERA!

This system gives you the ability to save two separate sets of enchantments on new items and freely switch between the two sets.

You can take advantage of this feature to create an optimized set for dungeon combat and a second for battleground conflicts, for example. More details can be found below.

In addition to the new dual effects, patch 57 also adds new polish to the Harrowhold – from now on, 20 players can take on Vergos’s four challenges. Rally 19 comrades around you and overcome his challenging new attacks and tactics!


Dual effects can now be activated on gear items from the following sets:

  • Oblit (VM9.5, Tier 12)
  • Deathwrack (VM9, Tier 12)
  • Misery (Tier 11)
  • Ambush (VM8, Tier 11)
  • Behemoth (VM8.5, Tier 11)

If you have the right equipment item and want to enable dual effects, you need to bear the following in mind:

  • The item must be enchanted to level +12
  • A one-off fee is required to unlocked each item

If you fulfill these requirements, you can unlock the dual effects on the item using the combination SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK.

You’ll now have an item with two different effect settings. Use SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK again to switch between the two modes. Note that you cannot switch while in combat.


Once you’ve activated dual effects on an item, you can select them using the usual system.

All you need for this are Master Enigmatic Scrolls and Intricate Identification Scrolls. Applying these scrolls to your item will show you the current effects and give you the chance to switch between the two sets with a simple mouse click.


Now you’re probably asking yourselves how these dual effects interact with things like the enchantment level or with etchings – here’s an overview:

  • Enchant level: Same level for both sets
  • Etchings: Same etching for both sets
  • Crystals: Same crystals for both sets
  • Random effects: Different stats for both sets
  • Masterwork level (1%, 2% or 3%): Different stats for both sets
  • Item level: Different stats for both sets

Using duel effects, you could even create a second set of random effects without having to enchant a new item!


You can save items with specific dual effects in gear sets. Then you can use the quick and easy SHIFT+1 through SHIFT+5 shortcuts to switch between different sets!

You can also display an item’s description in a separate window with a SHIFT+LEFT-CLICK on the item’s icon. In the description you can then switch back and forth between the dual effects.