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Echoes of Aranea

At the beginning of July we introduced two new instances for solo-players, as well as the Manglemire. The upcoming “Birth of a Tyrant” release will add another new solo instance for level 65 players!

In contrast to the Golden Labyrinth and Akasha’s Hideout, you won’t be required to set any records in the Echoes of Aranea. Instead, you’ll be tasked with discovering more about the history behind the world of TERA. When taking on this instance, you’ll have to choose which of two paths to take through the dungeon!


  • Solo dungeon
  • Teleportal in Highwatch
  • Min. required item level 330
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 2 possible routes / 3 new video sequences
  • 2 daily entries

Once the patch is installed, you’ll immediately receive a new quest in your quest log, containing additional details on the new dungeon, which will lead you to Halran in Veritas Vault.

Upon entering the dungeon, you can accept a repeatable quest which will guide you through its individual chapters..


First, follow Syona and Randun through the underground passages to discover the source of the noise which can be heard in the first large hallway. After a short video sequence, you’ll come up against a terrifying monster, which you must defeat to save Nemato’s life, a slave who has been sentenced to death!

Survive this battle and the story continues. You are presented with a choice – should you follow Randun on a quest to find a secret devan weapon, or accompany Syona and protect her as she makes her way through the catacombs?

Whichever path you take, you’ll have to take on several bands of enemies and bosses, before finally challenging Anea, Queen of the Archdevas. One video sequence ushers in the fight in her throne room, with a second clip to wrap things up! Defeat Anea and find out what the power of a deity did to Nemato…


Before entering the dungeon, you’ll see which of the two routes you’ve already completed. You can also check here whether you have found any of the four hidden objects. The following achievements can be unlocked in this instance:



  • Down in the Underground
  • Defeated all the bosses in the underground passages of Castle Aranea.
  • Just Let Yourself In
  • Defeated all bosses on the Castle Aranea grounds.
  • Bread and Carcasses
  • Examined the rotting corpses in the underground passages of Castle Aranea.
  • To Serve Man
  • Found and read the Beast-Keeper’s Journal in Castle Aranea.
  • Insider Knowledge
  • Heard Anea’s secret from the Goblin Peddler in Castle Aranea.
  • It All Depends
  • Found Syona’s Pendant in Castle Aranea.
  • Rough Handling
  • Destroyed 7 Anea’s Crates in Castle Aranea.




  • Restore the Echoes of Castle Aranea
  • Vanguard Initiative
  • 15x Tier 8 Feedstock
  • 210 Gold
  • 35x Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points
  • 20x Undershade Tokens
  • Echoes of Aranea
  • Repeatable
  • 12x Tier 8 Feedstock
  • 1x Tyrantblood Token
  • 2x Kalivan Tokens
  • 5x Master Enigmatic Scrolls VIII
  • 30x Spellbind VIII
  • 2x Intricate Identification Scroll
  • 5 Gold