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Enchanting & Upgrading

General Information

The following items can be…

… enchanted: … upgraded:
  • Weapons
  • Armor: Body
  • Armor: Hands
  • Armor: Feet
  • Weapons
  • Armor: Body
  • Armor: Hands
  • Armor: Feet
  • Belts
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Circlets
  • Brooches

Each enchantment level increases an item’s main attribute. For weapons it’s the attack modifier, for armor pieces the defense modifier.

The higher a weapon’s enchantment level, the more impressive the glow surrounding it!

Sealed Items

When you acquire an item for the first time, you can select its future effects yourself.

Right-click on the item and use the ‘Change’ option to view a choice of possible effects.

Effects on this item which are best suited to your class can be identified by the yellow font color. Once you’ve granted the effects to the item, you can then equip it.

Enchanting Items

Using the enchantment interface allows you to improve your equipment items.

Press the ‘T’ button on your keyboard or the button in your inventory to bring up the window. Then drag your item into the slot. The item must be in your inventory beforehand.

Once the item has been selected, you can see its current enchantment level, the next level and the additional bonuses. It also displays to you which materials you require for the enchantment, and what your chances of success are with each attempt.

The first items you encounter as a fresh new adventurer will have an enchantment success rate of 100%, guaranteeing you a quick start on your path to glory. But the best thing is that whatever the chances of success, your item will never be destroyed when attempting to enchant it in TERA. Any enchantment attempt which fails leaves your item just as it was before, and in fact even improves your chances of success by 3% for your next attempt!

Upgrading to New Items

After you’ve enchanted an item to the max, you can proceed to transform it into a new and more powerful item. This is called ‘upgrading’ an item. With the first items you come across, the maximum enchantment level is +6, while more powerful equipment can reach +9. The relevant details can always be found at the bottom of an item’s description.

Upgrading items is similar to enchanting them. Open the interface by pressing ‘T’ or using the button in your inventory, then drag the respective item into the slot. Again you will see which materials you require for the process, as well as your chances of success. As with enchanting, equipment items will not be damaged or destroyed on a failed upgrade attempt.

If your attempt at upgrading the item succeeds, you will need to add effects to it once more. Higher level items may gain additional effects as the game goes on, so choose your effects wisely.

Higher Level Enchantments

The following section goes into more detail on the items and higher level enchantments.

Item XP

While the first items you encounter enjoy a 100% chance of success, this figure will gradually drop as the items increase in strength. You can however increase your chances of success with your equipment’s XP.

In order to earn experience, you need to complete daily quests which include them as a reward.

By completing dungeons, you’ll not only acquire the materials you need for the enchantments, but you’ll earn experience for your current equipment. This will greatly increase your chances of success!

Dual Effects

In addition to the first effects which you select when first unsealing an item, you can also save a second set of effects.

Dual effects must be activated on an item for a one-time fee. Once activated, they can be used at will. Simply SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK on the item to do so.

With dual effects activated, the item will have two buttons in the description which you can use to switch between the two configurations.

The second set of effects will be chosen at random. If you want to change these to suit your requirements, you can do so with a Semi-Enigmatic Scroll.

For each item you’ll require a certain number of scrolls per effect. The effects chosen will be saved just like the first configuration and can be used permanently.

Further Tips & Tricks


  • The most powerful items (i.e. those which can’t be upgraded any further) unlock additional bonuses at higher enchantment levels. These are fixed and cannot be changed.
  • Items of the highest level can also be made tradeable again using Liberation Scrolls from +7. Such equipment can be resold if you so choose.
  • The effects on items which cannot be enchanted can also be chosen freely to begin with. If you wish to change the effects, you’ll need Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls to alter your choice.
  • Items with dual effects can be saved in different gear sets. That way you can easily switch between the different effects using the shortcuts SHIFT+1 through SHIFT+5.
  • SHIFT+LEFT-CLICK on an item’s icon to display its description in a separate window. This makes it easier to select the dual effects.
  • Only items which can be enchanted can have dual effects. That means it is not possible to unlock dual effects for belts or rings, for example.
  • Members of the TERA Club can complete Ghillieglade twice per character each day. This solo dungeon is a great place to earn lots of useful enchanting materials!
  • An overview of which items can be found in which dungeons can be viewed via the instance matching interface.


  • When an item is successfully enchanted, part of its item XP will be consumed.
  • Each time an enchantment attempt fails, the item’s success chance will increase by +3%. This bonus returns to 0% when an attempt succeeds.
  • Upgrading an item causes it to lose all its effects, including dual effects. That means you’ll need to pay the fee again to unlock dual effects on your new item.
  • Upgrading an item causes it to lose all its etchings.
  • Items cannot be upgraded if it has crystals equipped. All crystals must be removed first.
  • Dyad crystals which are soulbound to an item can no longer be used on it after upgrading.