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The Dream of Flight

That first ride on a pegasus from Stepstone Isle to Velika – what a unique feeling! Who hasn't dreamt of flying freely instead of merely sailing along the predetermined path? That dream is now coming true. With the help of flight-ready mounts, you can finally roam the skies!

How do you control your flight?

Just like other mounts, flying mounts must be learned via riding skills, in this case called flying skills. These skills can be selected from the skill window (K) and dragged to the skill bar.

When riding a flying mount, you can walk around on the ground as usual. Double-pressing the spacebar will begin the flight.

In the air, you control your mount as follows:

  • Move the mouse left and right to steer
  • Use the WASD keys to fly in a certain direction
  • Press the C key once to return to the ground
  • Hold shift to fly faster (Warning: Flying fast uses a lot of flight energy!)

What are the stats of a flying mount?

No mount can fly forever. To avoid overexertion, mounts can only stay in the air for a certain amount of time, which is measured in flight energy.

A flying mount has the following attributes (the values in parentheses represent the Tulpar, which is available from a quest):

  • Flight Speed shows how fast a mount moves in the air (270).
  • Movement Speed shows how fast a mount moves on the land (270).
  • Flight Duration indicates how fast flight energy is consumed and thus how long the mount can fly without a break (416).
  • General Flight Capability is a value based on the previous stats that tells how strong your mount is in the air (95).

How do you get flying mounts?

In the next update, you'll receive the winged Tulpar after completing a quest. This will allow you to enjoy the thrill of flight straight away. Other mounts, such as the mighty winged lions and of course the proud pegasuses, can be purchased in the TERA Shop, for example.

You can also earn a lion or pegasus from the new dungeons. In the seven new level 65 dungeons, you have a small chance of receiving Minuscule Wing Fragments. Five of these tiny fragments can be transformed into a Zephyrous Wing Fragment by right-clicking. If you collect enough of these wing fragments and some materials specific to flying mounts, such as Silken Lion Hair or Pegasus Hoof, you can transform them into a permanent flying skill using a special rune.

Where can you fly?

Flying mounts can only fly in the following areas:

  • All of southern Arun (Velika)
  • All of northern Arun (Val Oriyn)
  • Island of Dawn
  • All of southern Shara (Allemantheia)

In regions where flight is not allowed, flying mounts behave just like normal mounts.

This list will be updated if further areas are made accessible to flight.