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Basic Information

Glyphs are a way to customize your play style and make your character more unique. There’s a vast variety of glyphs, so every player can find something to suit their style.

TERA offers over 300 different glyphs with which you can adjust your class skills. For example, you can reduce the cast time, lower MP costs or add effects like slowing down enemies with an attack.


How Does It Work?

Upon reaching level 20, you’ll find a quest at the Valkyon Federation Headquarters in Velika called “Uncovering Glyphs”. Through this quest, you’ll gain your first glyph and ten glyph points. With every subsequent level, you gain one more point. Once you have your first glyph, the glyph menu will be available as a second tab under the skill menu (K).

You can buy and learn as many glyphs as you want from the glyph masters located near the skill trainers in large cities. After that, you’ll need to use your glyph points in order to activate the glyphs you want to use. When you run out of glyph points, you will not be able to activate any more glyphs. At the bottom of the glyph menu, you’ll see how many points you have in total and how many are already in use. To activate glyphs, just click on the ones you want and invest the necessary points.

You can create up to 5 different glyph templates and can change between them using a “Glyph Toggle”, which you can buy for a few pieces of gold from normal merchants.

If you want to customize a glyph setup, you can simply remove all the points and distribute them again, or just deactivate a certain glyph in order to regain the points invested before.




After reaching level 60, a whole bunch of new glyphs are available to you. These uncommon glyphs are a lot more powerful than those encountered until now, as they can reduce the costs of already acquired glyphs, or grant your skills new effects!

These glyphs can be bought in Allemantheia – Arcane Symposium and in Kaiator – Forgeheart for a special currency. In order to buy glyphs in Allemantheia, you’ll need to go into “Sirjuka’s Gallery” to get Silver and Gold Talents, and to buy glyphs in Kaiator, you have to go into the “Temple of Temerity”, where you get Practicum and Dire Badges!