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The Gridiron is a brand new battleground for all level 65 players which will be opening its doors with the upcoming patch!

In comparison to the existing battlegrounds, in the Gridiron you needn't worry about your group, listen to orders from your leader or follow any special strategy. The only thing that counts here is the points tally!

Battleground Overview:

  • Groups face each other 15 vs. 15.
  • Cooldown of 5 minutes after start.
  • Rounds last a maximum 10 minutes.
  • Sign up in groups of up to 5 players.
  • Players with equipment below level 197 will receive equalized battleground gear. Players with better PvP gear will keep theirs.
  • A maximum of 4 players of the same class can be in a group.
  • Each group must contain 2, maximum 3 healers.
  • Rounds start 30 seconds after entering the battleground.
  • Riding skills cannot be used.
  • Players who are AFK for 2 minutes will be removed from the group.

Gameplay & Objective

The name of the game here is to kill as many enemies as possible, as quickly as possible, without any regard for the actions of other group members.

The group which eliminates 70 enemies first are the winners. If neither group manages to knock out 70 enemies within 10 minutes, then victory goes to the group with the most kills.






The Gridiron is divided into two levels. Each team starts by jumping down from a platform onto the upper level and can either fight the enemies there or drop further down onto the lower level.

The two levels are connected by ramps, allowing you to move between the two.

Tip:The walls of the lower area can be climbed/jumped onto, giving you a better overview and maybe an offensive advantage.



After dying in the Gridiron you'll be respawned after 15 seconds. However, in comparison to other battlegrounds, you can't choose your respawn point.

There are a total of 6 respawn points: two for the red team, two for the blue team, and two rarer points shared by both.

The respawn time will also change according to the points difference (i.e. number of kills):

  • When you're 5 points behind, the respawn time drops to 12 seconds.
  • When you're 10 points behind, the respawn time drops to 10 seconds.
  • When you're 20 points behind, the respawn time drops to 8 seconds.

Statues & Monoliths

Both levels are fitted with statues and monoliths which provide boosts when destroyed.


The statues are strewn across the battleground right from the start and can be destroyed by attacking them. When smashed, they give the attacker one of the following effects:

  • Increased movement speed
  • MP regeneration
  • HP regeneration
  • Immunity to stagger
  • Reduced cooldowns
  • Invisibility and increased power (only at the two rare respawn points)


Monoliths appear during the battle itself and on destruction provide you with one of three powerful effects:

  • Barrier Monolith: Provides a damage-absorbing shield and increases your power by 50%.
  • Toxa Monolith: Provides an aura which poisons nearby enemy players.
  • Suicide Soldier: Provides you with an explosive aura which inflicts high damage on players next to you, as well as killing you. Can be triggered by left-clicking, or is automatically set off after 60 seconds.

Whether statues or monoliths, using these additional elements can prove crucial to swinging the tide of battle. Some statues always provide the same effect (e.g. directly replenishing HP), which can tip the scales in a bitter duel and steal victory from the clutches of defeat.


Players with a larger kill streak are worth additional points when killed, the more players they've killed without dying.

  • 2 player kill streak: 50 extra points
  • 3 player kill streak: 75 extra points
  • 4-5 player kill streak: 100 extra points
  • 6-7 player kill streak: 200 extra points
  • 8-9 player kill streak: 300 extra points
  • 10-11 player kill streak: 400 extra points
  • 12+ player kill streak: 500 extra points

The points decide at the end of the battle what rank players achieve within their own teams. For each kill, players get 100 points, plus 50 points for an assist.

When players reach a kill streak of 10, 15 and 20 opponents without dying, they receive the effect Awesome Might, which makes the player character larger. The other players get to see at a glance how powerful a character is – while also making it easier to target them!


Winning Team:

Losing Team:

  • Bellicarium: 1000 credits & 150 rep points
  • Killing Spree: 850 credits & 150 rep points
  • Fashion Coupons: 15
  • Bellicarium: 660 credits & 50 rep points
  • Killing Spree: 560 credits & 50 rep points
  • Fashion Coupons: 10

Vanguard Initiative Quest



  • Total Warfare: Win a match in the Gridiron
  • 30 Tier 6 Feedstock
  • 20 Gold
  • 25 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points




  • What? I Won?
  • Won a match in the Gridiron.
  • Let's Get It Started
  • Won 10 matches in the Gridiron.
  • I Love this Game!
  • Won 50 matches in the Gridiron.
  • I Will Find You....
  • Won 100 matches in the Gridiron.
  • Shoot'em Up
  • Won 200 matches in the Gridiron.
  • Awards the title: Gridiron Legend
  • Top of the Heap!
  • Got first place in the Gridiron.
  • Rise Above the Rest!
  • Got first place in the Gridiron 10 Times
  • You're The Best...Around!
  • Got first place in the Gridiron 20 Times.
  • Super Pit Fighter
  • Got first place in the Gridiron 50 Times
  • Awards the title: King of the Ring