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Guild System

In a world as vast as TERA’s, you are bound to encounter challenges that can only be completed with the help of your friends. Creating a party is fine, but why not take it to the next level?

As a part of the Valkyon Federation, guilds are meant to bring together large groups of adventurers under a single crest. A guild master can become an important part of the government by using the political system and ruling a territory with his officers and companions.

Want to know more about the guild system? Follow the guide!


Guild creation

Your first step is to head towards the Velika Consul Office and talk to Litron, the Guild Manager.

You will need the following requirements:
Be at least level 8
Be ready to spend 30 silver coins
Be in a party with at least two people (including you) during the creation process. The characters in your group will automatically join your guild.

Afterwards, you will be asked to choose a name for your guild. This name cannot exceed 20 characters including spaces. Of course, you will have to make sure that this name respects the rules and sounds impressive enough to lead hundreds of people to victory!

guild_managerLitron will be your helping hand when you're creating a guild.




guild_emblem_03One emblem to rule them all!

Guild customization

Once your guild is created, you can customize it in multiple ways. First and foremost, you have the possibility to add an emblem which will be displayed above each member’s head. This emblem must be 64x64 pixels (24 bits) and be in .BMP format.

Once you have chosen your emblem, simply place it in your game folder (TERA\Client\S1Game\GuildLogoUpload\Example.bmp). Afterwards, you can talk to Leonad  in the Velika Consul Office and choose your emblem! This process is free and your logo can be changed at any time.

Once your guild and emblem is ready, it is time to set up ranks for your guildmates! You have the possibility to use the basic ranks (Guildmaster / Recruits), but you can also grant additional rights to custom-made ranks and thus control who has the rights to invite other players in the guild, manage the guild bank or write a guild message.


Guild log/bank log

If you have a massive guild, it can become troublesome to check the member’s activities. However, you can check the latest activities from your guild directly within the guild interface. You can also check out the latest bank logs to prevent thievery within your own guild!

guild_history_02Your guild is going to make history!


guild_war_01Fight together and show your strength in the battle against other guilds!

Guild battle

As a guild you’ll stand together and fight together! You can show your strength and work together in a team when declaring war to other guilds. TERA offers you a guild versus guild system where you can fight for your pride.

The leader needs to declare war to another guild and the battles will last until 24 hours have passed, one guild scores a set amount of points or until one guild’s leader forfeits. Your guild can be involved in up to three fights at a time. 

To start a guild versus guild battle, you need to buy the item called the "Bahaar's Spark of War", sold in most major cities. The merchants also sell the "Kaia's Acquiescence" if you wish to forfeit.


Guild applications

Any character can apply to your guild and leave a custom message. This is the easiest way to recruit members and check how many people would like to join your army.

This concludes the overview of the guild system in TERA. What are you waiting for? Become the best guild on your server!

guild_apply_03Oh look, there's an applicant! Invite him!