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Iron Battleground

A new battleground comes thundering into TERA for patch 48, cannons blazing and treads turning!


  • An 8v8 battleground for which players may only sign up as individuals.
  • Once started there is a 10 minute cooldown.
  • Each match can last a maximum of 21 minutes, split into three rounds with 1 minute of setup time and 6 minutes of combat.
  • All players enter wearing equalized PvP gear and 120,000 HP.
  • Riding skills cannot be used.
  • Players who remain AFK for 2 minutes will be removed from the party.


The aim of the game on this 8v8 battleground is to survive as a team longer than your opponents. The team with the most players killed loses the round, while the team which manages to either kill all of their enemies, or have the most players still standing after 6 minutes, is victorious.

Matches are best-of-three affairs: the first team to win two rounds claims victory.


The Iron Battleground is a tank-driving paradise. Players can use their own class-specific skills as usual, but also have access to mine-laying abilities, as well as five types of tank they can drive.

Each tank has its own special role to play, determining both the colour (symbol) and the stats.

Practical Tanks [180,000 HP]

Practical tanks have two abilities which can be used in combat.

  • Fire scattershot at the targeted location. All targets in the area suffer continual damage. This inflicts more damage than the fast tank, but less than the powerful tank.
  • Range: 115 metres
Set Mine
  • Lays a mine directly behind the tank which remains active for 60 seconds. The mine explodes if a tank drives over it or a player steps on it.


Speed Tanks [180,000 HP]

Speed tanks bear a blue symbol and have just one skill at their command. Their main advantage lies in their speed and manoeuvrability. These tanks can reach their targets faster, even if their firing range is correspondingly reduced.

Fire Cannon
  • Fire a shell at the targeted location. This inflicts less damage than the powerful tank.
  • Range: 105 metres


Powerful Tanks [180,000 HP]

Powerful tanks carry an orange symbol and similarly have just one skill at their command. They are somewhat slower than the other vehicles but have the highest range of all three mobile tanks.

Fire Cannon
  • Fire a shell at the targeted location. This inflicts more damage than the fast tank.
  • Range: 130 metres


Artillery [360,000 HP]

Artillery pieces are static and cannot be moved, but they inflict massive damage to their targets. The range of the two attacks covers more than half of the battleground.

Fire Cannon
  • Fire a shell at the targeted location. The skill can be used up to three times in a row to fire off 3 shells.
Air Strike
  • After a short delay, a large number of bombs land on the chosen target area and deal massive damage over the whole expanse.


All-in-One Tanks [360,000 HP]

While the four tanks listed above are situated on or around the starting locations, the all-in-one tank can only be found in the middle of the arena, and only appears after a few minutes’ play. This metal beast combines the abilities of the speed, practical and powerful tanks, whilst having the same HP as the artillery.

  • It is as fast as the speed tank.
  • It deals the same amount of damage as the powerful tank.
  • It has the mines and scattershot of the practical tank.
  • It has the same HP as the artillery.



Players are free to choose whether they use a tank or not. However, as soon as they have entered one of the three simple varieties (speed, practical, powerful), they can no longer dismount – unless the vehicle is destroyed.

When a vehicle is destroyed, there are two consequences: the player gets back their health, and they receive an effect which prevents them from entering another tank for 10 seconds.

Players who go it on foot have four special skills at their disposal:

Anti-Tank Mine
  • Lay a mine in front of you which causes a powerful explosion. It remains for 60 seconds or until it is set off. Anti-Tank.
Slush Mine
  • Lay a mine in front of you which leaves nearby players immobilised. It remains for 60 seconds or until it is set off.
Anti-Tank Ice Mine
  • Lay a mine in front of you which leaves nearby players dazed. It remains for 60 seconds or until it is set off.
Da Bomb
  • This skill becomes available after disembarking a destroyed tank. You have a bomb above your head and can detonate it to blow yourself up and any players in your vicinity.

You can enter as many tanks as you wish, even if you have already lost one (albeit with a 10 second cooldown). If your tank is damaged, you can find crystals in the valley which can repair your vehicle. These appear during the round and merely need to be touched to have an effect!

If you are killed, however, then you remain as a spectator until the end of the round. There’s nothing left for you to do but pray your teammates can keep the upper hand and stay alive until the end.


The rewards depend upon whether you are victorious and upon your rank within the team.

Winning Team

Losing Team

  • Bellicarium: 4,600 credits & 150 reputation
  • Killing Spree: 2,500 credits & 150 reputation
  • Bellicarium: 2,000 credits & 50 reputation
  • Killing Spree: 1,500 credits & 50 reputation




  • Hear the Roar of Iron!
  • 15 Tier 10 Feedstock
  • 250 Gold
  • 90 Vanguard Initiative Reputation Points