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Ruinous Manor

The Ruinous Manor is a gloomy mirror image of Lilith's Keep. But in place of the opulent tree-lined garden with Pyrepelt, you pass through a ruined field, overgrown with strange plants and guarded by Atrocitas.

Even inside the fortress, everything lies in ruins. Instead of Arachandlebra, Malgarios awaits you here. The elevator to Lilith has been destroyed. A teleportal leads you to an alternate dimension with the Nightmare Lachelith, reborn through Lakan's Might.


  • For 5-player groups
  • Teleportal in the Cliffs of Insanity
  • Normal and Hard Mode
  • Min. required item level 417/422
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 Bosses
  • 1 daily entry, 2 for club members


The first boss you need to defeat in this instance is Atrocitas.

Atrocitas is a mutated Fimbrilisk. Some of its attacks are characteristic of this enemy type. It leaps at the player and performs lots of left and right attacks with its front claws.


During the battle, Atrocitas will cast one of two harmful effects on the party members, similar to Kelsaik's ice and fire effect.

The debuffs Atrocitas' Rage and Fimbrilisk's Rage each last for a duration of 60 seconds. They kill a player as soon as the effect comes to an end or if it is received a second time.

Atrocitas announces a large-scale attack at regular intervals with the message "Die!". The blue effect Atrocitas' Rage is cast in the inner circle, and Fimbrilisk's Rage is cast in the red outer area.

The aim is to expose yourself to these debuffs alternately in order to avoid certain death:

  • If a blue effect has been cast on you, you need to be standing in the outer circle to obtain the red one next.
  • If a red effect has been cast on you, you need to be standing in the inner circle to obtain the blue one next.

Caution: An unannounced attack deals damage within the immediate vicinity of Atrocitas and can change the order of the effects in certain circumstances.

  • Blue Atrocitas with blue attack = no color change (the same applies to red with red)
  • Blue Atrocitas with red attack = color change (the same applies to red with blue)

If Atrocitas has changed his color to red, the red effect is assigned to the inner circle and the blue effect to the outer circle when "Die!" is announced!

As Atrocitas' HP decreases, he changes color more often and performs his unannounced attack to switch the colors more frequently. This deals 35,000 damage each time and should be avoided by both ranged warriors and healers!


Resurrected Atrocitas is followed by Resurrected Malgarios, an Arachne with a number of different attacks.

Powerful attacks such as kicks at opponents in front of him, as well as sweep attacks around him and area attacks on distant targets are part of his repertoire.

Spiderling's Hunger

Spider eggs are scattered throughout the room. At the beginning of the battle, a Spiderling will hatch and pester you until the end of the battle.

A bar will steadily fill from 0 to 100%. This represents the Spiderling's hunger. Once it reaches 100%, the Spiderling will no longer be able to bear the hunger and will become aggressive.

It will pull a player closer, stun them briefly and deal massive damage.

The player being pursued by the Spiderling must lure it to one of the spider eggs shortly before it reaches 100%. If successful, the Spiderling's hunger will be satisfied and it will fall asleep for 30 seconds. The bar will fall to 0% and will begin to fill again once the spider wakes up.

This... looks yummy...

But look out: Malgarios won't pass the spider eggs up either! He will try to run to the nearest egg and destroy it in order to get a two-hour effect.

  • Spider's Growth
    • Movement speed increases by 10% and attack power by 20% with each accumulation.

Resurrected Malgarios attracts everyone!

Malgarios will fall into a trance briefly. He is preparing himself to attract all players and to deal damage to them while they are stunned.

During this time, a debuff is cast Malgarios that makes him briefly more vulnerable to attack. Knock him down as quickly as possible to escape his attack!

  • Concentration
    • Resurrected Malgarios is concentrating on something. He becomes vulnerable to Knockdown.

Can you feed the Spiderling in time during the battle or will you be its tasty snack?


Nightmare Lachelith

Welcome to the darkest night, where nightmares come true and Lachelith is out to kill you. Lakan has resurrected his servant and made her even stronger than in Lilith's Keep. Prepare for some gruesome attacks that'll turn even Argon Queen Shandra Manaya pale.

Deadly claw attacks are Lachelith's specialty, and there's plenty of them, especially for the tank ¬– with both the left and right claws.

You'll get to know one of her attacks from the very start in which Lachelith rears up briefly and then charges at a player (or towards a location when a player has just been standing).

Lethal Wound by Lachelith

Many of Lachelith's powerful attacks cause a deadly effect which deducts 20% of your HP per second – for a duration of 15 seconds! In this case, a healer should use a purging skill as quickly as possible to remove the effect. Alternatively, you can also quickly use your brooch.

An attack that causes this effect is when Lachelith strikes forwards with her scythe. If you are hit by the scythe, you will suffer great damage and the debuff. Warning: If the scythe gets stuck in the ground following this attack, an attack around Lachelith will follow that hits all players in Lachelith's immediate vicinity – with the exception of Heroes directly in front of Lachelith.

The backwards attack with the tail also inflicts the harmful effect. This is often followed by a triple laser attack.

The third attack with effect potential is the familiar "Donut Attack" in which damage is inflicted first in the outer circle, and shortly after in the inner circle – or in alternate succession first in the inner circle then the outer circle.

In another attack, Lachelith pushes back all player in front of her in a cone-shaped area. This also inflicts the harmful effect.

It's your fate. Welcome it.

If this message is displayed, deadly fragments will fall from the sky on each party member. These need to be avoided, otherwise they will cause a negative effect.

  • Stunning Lachelith's Wrath
    • You suffer 50% more damage from Lachelith's attacks.
    • If the effect is cast on you again (second accumulation), you die instantly.
    • Soul spheres cause double damage.

Lachelith is about to use the soul sphere!

Following this announcement, the boss will move to the middle of the room and fire out five soul spheres. These fly from the center to the edges of the battle arena and need to be intercepted by party members.

  • The white spheres cause 40,000 damage.
  • The red spheres cause 80,000 damage.
  • Players with the Stunning Lachelith's Wrath effect suffer double damage each time.

If one or more soul spheres reach the edge, they send shockwaves through the room (30,000 damage). They also double in number so that more spheres now fly around the room. They will try again to reach their target. If they make it to the edge, they send out a second shockwave and multiply once again.

I hold your fate in my hand.

Shortly after this message, Lachelith will draw three circles on the ground one after the other, each with a bigger radius than the last. Damage will first be dealt in the inner circle, then in the second (but not in the inner circle) and finally in the third circle (but not in the inner or second circle).

Lachelith receives an accumulation of the effect Lakan's Might per circle, which increases her attack speed each time by 10%. The second and third circles will appear faster than the first one accordingly.

The healer must remove the effect from the boss before the third circle is complete (e.g. with Plague of Exhaustion). If unsuccessful, the three accumulations will be transformed into True Lakan's Power and the battle will be as good as futile for the duration of 60 seconds.

  • True Lakan's Power
    • Increases Lachelith's power by 1,000%.
    • Increases the boss' attack speed by 50%.

Towards the end of the battle, Lachelith learns a couple of additional attacks. The laser attack, which previously consisted of three separate lasers, is now a series of two rows of lasers and is upgraded with a circle that the players cannot escape during the attack. Once trapped, you have to dodge the lasers within the circle.

Another additional attack is a wave of energy that stretches across the entire room. If touched, it inflicts damage upon the player and infects them with the effect Lethal Wound by Lachelith.

Once Lachelith rears up, you should group up as all players are pushed away together. The healer must then purge as quickly as possible.

What do you think of this opponent? Is it harder to defeat than Shandra Manaya? Or is the Argon Queen still your worst enemy?