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Welcome to Lilith’s Keep, a charming little stately home in the radiant glow of the setting sun. Defeat Pyrepelt in the opulent tree-lined garden before ascending the steps and entering the citadel’s interior. Explore the corridors decorated with exquisite paintings, before reaching Arachandlebra, an unbelievably deadly arachnen. Manage to survive this battle and you can take the lift to the roof of the manor, where you’ll find Lilith, Lakan’s loyal servant, waiting for you in the guise of a vampyr noble.


  • For 5-player groups
  • Normal and Hard Mode
  • Teleportal in the Cliffs of Insanity
  • Min. required item level 410/417
  • Accessible from level 65
  • 3 Bosses
  • 2 daily entries, 4 for club members
    (1 and 2 entries respectively in hard mode)


The first boss you need to defeat in this instance is the magnificent Pyrepelt.

This flaming stallion will do his utmost to burn any and all assailants to a crisp, using the wide range of fiery attacks in his arsenal.

Some of his attacks are shared with the standard repertoire of other bosses. But all those flaming circles and gouts of flame are just part of Pyrepelt’s warm-up act.

How annoying... I will kill you all!!

Shortly after you see this message, Pyrepelt will leap into the air. Upon impact, the entire area except for a narrow strip will be covered in a raging fire.

The flame will turn you into ash!!

When this message appears, Pyrepelt will make for one of the players, summoning a circle under their feet which will remain in the arena for some time. If a player enters this area, a bomb will appear above their heads. The Burning Flamedebuff which results must be removed within a few seconds, otherwise the bomb will explode and deal major damage to the affected player, as well as anyone else within range.

The flame will swallow you whole!!!

This message appears at certain intervals once Pyrepelt has lost sufficient health, and is followed by a series of multiple attacks.

Firstly, the boss heads to the edge of the area and runs a complete lap, spreading his ‘fire curtain’ as a message explains. Shortly after this, a series of flaming spirits will appear which must be killed as quickly as possible, otherwise they will become more powerful, as another message informs you.

Given that Pyrepelt is somewhat preoccupied with spreading his curtain of flames, your group is free to concentrate on the spirits. If you don’t manage to kill them all before Pyrepelt completes his lap, the following will happen:

  • The spirits will become more powerful and more difficult to defeat.
  • The arena will be encircled by the ring of fire, greatly reducing the amount of space to move about in.
    • If you step into the burning zone, you’ll receive the debuff Burning Wounds .
    • This cannot be cleansed, lasts for 10 seconds, and stacks if you stay within the burning zone.
    • Each stack reduces your movement speed by 10% and reducing 5% HP every 2 seconds.

Failing in the first phase will only marginally reduce the size of the area, but you can’t afford to fail a second time, or the fight will become hotter than you can stand!


If you manage to get the better of Pyrepelt, you can make you way into the building to confront the next boss. Arachandlebra looks like a bizarre cross between an arachnen and a chandelier, but don’t let appearances fool you – she packs a punch!

In addition to powerful blows with her legs, Arachandlebra also uses poison as her weapon of choice. Her basic attacks deal the following debuffs:

  • Hot Wax Drippings
    • Hot wax drippings stick to your body, reducing 2.6% of max HP every 3 seconds.
  • Bleeding
    • Bleeding reduces your movement speed by 50% and reduces 6% of max HP every 2 seconds.

Aside from these effects, there’s one more you need to watch out for when areas begin appearing on the ground. This one’s called Sly Trap and makes it virtually impossible for you to move. Dodging skills and teleports are still usable, however.

But these are just the boss’s basic attacks. It’s essential that you survive these if you’re to take on the more dangerous traps lying in store. One of these is linked to the bar which appears shortly after the start of the battle showing the Hardening Wax Drippings.

Now you're trapped!

Shortly before the bar completely fills up, you should put as much distance between yourselves and the boss as possible, because once it reaches 100%, everyone will receive a debuff which leaves them unable to move for 10 seconds. This attack comes with the message ‘Now you're trapped!’ Shortly afterwards follows a large-scale attack, which you’ll only be able to avoid if you managed to get away from Arachandlebra before being rooted.

Will you manage to defeat Arachandlebra and clear the path to the lift? Or will you end as a tortured wax figure in her house of horrors?

The victorious team can take the lift to one of the floors towards the top of the tower. What awaits you in the gaping blackness at the end of the shaft?



Lilith is a master of the dark arts, and will seek to lull you into an eternal sleep and strip you of your souls. Dreamy effects and nightmare maelstroms go hand-in-hand in this boss fight.

Her powerful scythe will seek you out, whether you stand in front of her, behind her or to the side, robbing you of your dreams, along with a good chunk of your health.

Dark magic is part of Lilith’s repertoire. She directs some attacks to the front…

… while others appear as mighty swirls around her, before she impacts with the ground. If you’re hit by one of these twirling maelstroms, it will draw you right into the epicentre.

These attacks belong to her most common, while others are used less frequently but to more deadly effect.

You will be at ease soon…

When this message appears, an area of purple energy appears around Lilith. A short time after that, Lilith pushes all players back, dealing damage and slowing them..

This is immediately followed by a large-scale attack. The only place you can find protection from this is in a small ring directly around the boss, but reaching the ring in time will be more difficult than it sounds, as your movement speed has been reduced by 50%.

Now… it’s time to fall asleep…

While everyone tries to rescue themselves and reach the safety of the ring, your healers will have an extra task to perform. At the same time as the area attacks appear, you’ll receive the debuff Hypnosis Preparation, which must be cleansed as quickly as possible.

If you fail to do this, after a few seconds a small sphere of glimmering white light will appear around Lilith together with the message ‘Now… it’s time to fall asleep…’. The room will fill with Oneiric Mote which puts you into a deep sleep for 15 seconds, during which time you can neither move nor use any skills.

Hey! Where do you think you’re going?

This attack starts with a small, purple field around Lilith. She hammers her scythe into the ground and summons multiple areas of dark energy which flare up and deal damage!

If you’re hit by one or more of these fields, you’ll receive the debuff Weakening Will:

  • Weakening Will
    • Your tolerance against Lilith’s Delusion gradually weakens.
  • Delusion
    • Arises when you receive 5 stacks of Weakening Will.
    • You are enticed by Lilith’s charm. You cannot do anything.
  • Corruption Ring
    • You are enticed by Lilith’s charm. You cannot do anything.

As soon as you’ve been hit by Weakening Will five times, you fall under the Delusion effect, announced with the message ‘Hey! Where do you think you’re going?’. You’ll also be affected by the Corruption Ring, drawn towards Lilith and caught between her wings. This vampyr will now attempt to rend your soul from you, before discarding your enfeebled body.

I’ll show you something big and beautiful...

This message heralds yet another powerful attack, in which spheres of dark matter appear from Lilith and float through the room. Once they reach the edge of the arena, an area appears beneath Lilith with a toxic substance.

Of course, a boss encounter of this magnitude wouldn’t be the same without more deadly geometric energy shapes. But they won’t be announced with special messages, so pay attention to where you’re walking.

The combat area will narrow

Once Lilith’s health drops to 80% and 60%, this message will appear, and the area fills with different zones and effects:

  • 80% health
    • The area in the middle cannot be entered
    • Entering this area will deal 20,000 damage per second.
  • 60% health
    • The arena shrinks and the area in the middle cannot be entered
    • Entering this area will deal 20,000 damage per second and give you the effect Weakening Will.

Lilith is acting suspiciously.

This message will appear when Lilith drops to 80%, 50% and 20% health. Lilith heads to the middle of the room and creates a damage-absorbing shield. At the same time, a wave of dark energy washes over to the middle of the arena and gives all players hit a Lethargy debuff.

  • Lethargy
    • You are drained of strength and cannot do anything.

Just like with the Ring of Corruption, players are drawn towards the boss and held in Lilith’s wings. The other players must heal this player in the middle, whilst dealing enough damage to Lilith’s shield to break through it

If they fail to interrupt this attack quickly enough, Lilith will receive a buff which increases the strength of her attacks by 10% for 10 minutes. This effect can even stack!

Not even the boldest of heroes and the most audacious of adventurers can go without sleep for long. But in Lilith’s Keep you’ll need to strain every sinew in your body to ensure you aren’t trapped in a nightmare for perpetuity!