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This unique new event server offers up an entirely new TERA experience! Opening its doors on 12th December, “Manahan” will be available for just a few short weeks until roughly mid-January, when we update the servers to patch 64. During this time, the influence of the fallen god on the dream will be palpable, providing you with an exciting alternative reality to explore on this special server:

  • Slower progression up to level 65
  • Quicker progression from level 65, e.g. gearing up and earning item XP, tougher challenges
  • Kaia’s aid in instances
  • Unusual, experimental settings on battlegrounds
  • Daily open world challenge
  • Pets and mounts with special changes
  • ... and much more!

Even more reasons to join Manahan:

  • Create a new character, gear them up quicker than ever, and then transfer them to your home server at the end.
  • Experience tons of tweaked contents in ways never seen before.
  • Pick up fantastic reward chests and bring the loot back to your home server with you!

Every TERA player is free to create a new character on Manahan. Please bear in mind:

  • Manahan is an international PvE server.
  • Each player gets 2 character slots. Character slots cannot be expanded.
  • Shortly before the end of the event, all players who have reached level 65 will receive one character transfer for free.


It is only a matter of time before Arun and Shara manage to banish Manahan to the condescension of oblivion once more. Use this opportunity on the event server to round out your gear!

  • All glyphs can be purchased from the Vanguard Initiative Reputation Merchant.
  • On reaching level 65 you’ll receive a special equipment chest, plus the chance to earn loads more reward chests.
  • Instances hold more rewards in store – but they’re more difficult to complete.
  • Vanguard Initiative quests provide double item XP and improved daily and weekly items.

And that’s not all! TERA Club members can look forward to even more benefits:

  • Extra enchanting materials chest each day
  • Daily buff which increases power

Manahan also offers new impetus for PvP fans. In addition to the extra item XP in quests, we also have these changes lined up:

  • Customized schedule for the new battlegrounds with awesome rewards
  • Weekly reward chests for the top battleground warriors

Whatever your playing style, you should be able to take advantage of these changes and put together the gear you need to take on Manahan’s many challenges in no time.


Manahan’s influence seeps through the dream, manifesting itself in epic PvE challenges. Tons of instances come in a tougher flavor, while even the open world has changed! Bosses in Manahan’s level 60+ dungeons have a higher attack speed, plus additional stat boosts depending on the dungeon:

  • Level 20-58: No boss boost / improved novice boons for Club members
  • Level 60-63: +30% attack speed for bosses / improved novice boons for Club members
  • 2 Stars: +20% attack speed, +10% defense, +15% attack for bosses / improved novice boons for Club members
  • 3 Stars: +30% attack speed, +10% defense, +20% attack for bosses
  • 4&5 Stars: +30% attack speed, +30% attack for bosses
  • Dreadspire EXTREME: The tower returns with even more dread than ever! More details can be found on the info page.

Manahan’s PvE challenges aren’t only limited to dungeons, there’s also plenty of hot action to be had out in the open world:

  • Kelsaik will roam around the Island of Dawn each day – but Manahan’s influence makes him invincible!
  • He can only be defeated with Kaia’s help once per day, between 7–9 PM.
  • Basic stats for all classes have been slightly tweaked to make many other confrontations slightly more challenging.

Not even your pets are safe from Manahan’s chaotic energy, and will now provide an effect when summoned. More details can be found in this overview.


Out in the snowy depths of Westonia, the gates to this icy tower have been frozen solid for a long time. But that which was held fast in an icy prison now returns to life in answer to Manahan’s summons. Will you flee in terror? Or stand once more unto the breach of dread?

It was Manahan’s power that broke the icy seal, but the Dreadspire will return to life on all servers. Enter the dungeon using the Teleportal or Matchmaking System, and steel yourself for extreme dread:

  • Stage 16: Hrathgol, the argon angel of death, will use the skill Cellular Decay more often and attack you even faster.
  • Stage 17: Melkatran, lord of parasites, will repeatedly summon his argons if you don’t deal enough damage.
  • Stage 18: Lokmar Sorgalur, beholder of destruction, will use his drones even more extensively to hunt down intruders.
  • Stage 19: Meldita, Manaya’s eye, will summon self-replicating servitors earlier and more quickly.
  • Stage 20: Koleogg, bringer of lightning, ... is missing?
  • Stage 21: Kaprima, the demon thief, will confuse you with two different variations of his pentagrams.
  • Stage 22: Shandra Manaya, Manahan’s first creation, WILL CRUSH THE LIFE FROM YOUR BONES.

This is just a rough sweep of the terrifying changes to this dungeon. Alongside other adjustments which include increased power and health, the fiends in the Dreadspire make this the toughest challenge to be found in TERA!

But mighty deeds deserve mighty rewards! In addition to the chest which you can choose at the end, each boss will also drop loot for you.


Fight your way to the top! We’ve got amazing reward chests lined up for you when you reach various milestones on Manahan, giving you extra loot either on the event server or other servers:

  • [Event] Manahan’s Impetus: Be the first player of your class to reach level 65 on Manahan.
  • [Event] Manahan’s Rival: Be part of the group which first completes one of the 5 dungeons Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Lilith’s Keep (Hard), Thaumetal Refinery, RK-9 Kennel, RK-9 Kennel (Hard).
  • [Event] Manahan’s Battleground Hero: Be ranked among the event's top 3 players on the battlegrounds Corsairs’ Stronghold, Champions’ Skyring, Fraywind Canyon.
  • [Event] Manahan’s Rise: Reached level 65.
  • [Event] Manahan’s Nemesis: Complete each of the dungeons Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Lilith’s Keep (Hard), Thaumetal Refinery, RK-9 Kennel and RK-9 Kennel (Hard) 5 times.
  • [Event] Manahan’s Bloodlust: Be victorious on each of the battlegrounds Corsairs’ Stronghold, Champions’ Skyring and Fraywind Canyon 10 times.
  • [Event] Manahan’s Defiance: Log in 25 times during the event.
  • [Event] Manahan’s Resolve: Play for at least 3 hours (daily reward).
  • [Event] Manahan’s Club Support: You receive this delivery each day upon logging in as a Club member.

On reaching level 65 you also receive a character transfer voucher to the regular servers. You can use this voucher to transfer your character and all their loot from Manahan to your main server. More details can be found on the relevant info page.


Huh, easier and yet more difficult? How does that work? Well your path to level 65 will be an entirely new experience. While all class stats have been slightly tweaked and the required experience points increased, the first couple of dungeon encounters will be extremely quick thanks to Kaia’s help! These stats have been changed:

  • Power and endurance: basic stats (level 1) both reduced by 10%.
  • Attack speed: basic stats (level 1) increased by 5%.

Similar to the introduction of new classes, you can rely on the support of the League of Levelers in the event of the same name, and ultimately collect equipment items in reward. However, these event rewards can only be received by one of your max. two Manahan characters.

Leveling up guilds has been heavily modified to make it easier to access the higher guild skills.

  • 3x experience for guild quests
  • 3x more skills points on average for the first 30 levels
  • Adjusted player numbers and respective sizes and banners


Some serious changes are awaiting you in PvP! We’re reshuffling the selection of battlegrounds, adding new functions and mixing things up with different player numbers.

  • Schedule: Battlegrounds are scheduled just like on normal servers.
  • Corsairs’ Stronghold: The existing 20v20 version remains active.
  • Corsairs’ Stronghold: A new 30v30 version is also available. When you die here, you’re dead – only the last survivor can destroy the crystal!
  • Fraywind Canyon: No BAMs or monsters will be summoned in the existing version.
  • Fraywind Canyon: A new 10v10 version is also available. No BAMs will be summoned in this version and you require fewer points for victory.
  • Champions’ Skyring (Solo/Group): The existing 3v3 version remains active.
  • Champions’ Skyring (Solo/Group): An additional 5v5 version is also available.

There are also changes to the weekly guild war:

  • Only level 65 characters can enter Velika Outskirts.
  • A maximum of 30 towers can be placed.
  • The map size has been greatly reduced.
  • Battles only last 60 minutes and BAMs therefore appear earlier.
  • Rewards only awarded for the top 10 guilds.
  • Fewer points for owning the last intact tower.
  • More points for destroying towers and killing enemies.

Remember that the standard number of players in a guild is limited to 30.


Manahan will be open as an event server for a few weeks and then closed again at the end of the event. All players who reach level 65 with a character on Manahan will receive a free transfer to a server of their choice at the end of the event. It is not possible to transfer characters to or from Manahan during the event itself.

Details on the transfer at the end of the event:

  • Server launch: 12th December 2017
  • Closing date: January 2018 with patch 64
  • Transfer details: January 2018, 7 days before patch 64 (e.g. on Tuesday, if the patch is to be released the following Tuesday)
  • Transfer window: January 2018, 5 days before patch 64 (e.g. on Thursday, if the patch is to be released the following Tuesday)
  • Deletion of certain items: January 2018, 5 days before patch 64
  • Character creation closed: January 2018, 5 days before patch 64
  • Instances and battlegrounds closed: January 2018, 5 days before patch 64
  • Merchant wares reset: January 2018, 5 days before patch 64
  • Special events deactivated: January 2018, 5 days before patch 64

Seven days before Manahan closes, we’ll provide you with full details regarding the transfers. Transfers to existing servers will be made available 5 days before closure. Since we will delete certain items which cannot be transferred to other servers at this time, all events and special settings will be deactivated from this date.

You can continue to log into Manahan and prepare your character for the transfer during the 5 days until the end of the event (leaving your guild, collecting your mail, emptying the brokers etc.). The event server will no longer be accessible once patch 64 is released. However as long as all preconditions have been met, you may still transfer characters.















Can any player take part in this event?

Yes! Every TERA player is more than welcome to join the fun on Manahan!

Please remember, however, that we will only launch one event server. Each TERA server has a limited capacity which may lead to character creation being restricted once a certain threshold has been met. It is conceivable that at some point, it will not be possible to join the event server with new accounts.

Will the group matching be cross-server?

Given the large number of changes to instances and battlegrounds, the automated group matching will only search on Manahan. This means you will not be able to play with players from regular servers while you are on Manahan.

How can I send you my feedback?

We’ve created a special section in the forum for all discussions relating to Manahan. We’re really interested in hearing your opinions about this event, so please come by and tell us what you liked or what didn’t work very well!


When will you announce the closing date?

Manahan will be closed with the release of patch 64. The exact date for this update has not yet been decided, but should be around the middle of January. We will inform you in due course about when it will be possible to transfer characters from Manahan to the regular servers. You can find the provisional time plan under the heading Transfers.

Will you delete all items from Manahan?

No, you get to keep everything you have learned or equipped. However, since Manahan’s economy will differ greatly to those on the other servers, we will delete a small selection of items from your inventory before the transfer. This includes any unlearned glyphs. We’ll publish a detailed list of all items to be deleted before the transfer date.

Can I transfer more than one character?

All players who reach level 65 will receive a single free transfer. If you wish to transfer another character, you’ll need a Character Transfer Voucher from the TERA Shop.

What happens to items I purchased in the TERA Shop?

All items which were purchased from the TERA Shop in Manahan can be transferred to a regular server together with your character.


Do I receive my rewards immediately upon reaching the milestones?

You get your rewards chests for completing all instances 5 times or all battlegrounds 10 times via special insignia. Similarly the chests for reaching level 65, plus all daily rewards can be collected in the game.

Rewards which aren’t automatically delivered in game but must be assessed by us may potentially take a little while to be delivered. This applies to the rewards for the first group to complete the dungeons, plus the top 3 players ranked in the battlegrounds each week.

Why can’t I have another chest in my inventory?

Certain chests are limited to one instance in your inventory, while some cannot be stored in the bank. Similarly, there are also some chests which cannot be opened while you are in Manahan. These rewards will be usable only once you have transferred to a regular server.


I need help! Can the Support team help me?

Our Support team will of course be on hand to help you with problems on the event server. Please note however that the settings on Manahan are somewhat experimental and we cannot provide complete support for everything.

Can I have more than 2 character slots, e.g. as a veteran or if I purchase a Character Transfer Voucher?

All account types have 2 character slots on Manahan. The number of slots cannot be expanded, even if you have veteran status on the regular servers.


Why can’t I kill Kelsaik?

Kelsaik can only be defeated in the open world during periods when Kaia lends you her support. Find out more under the heading PvE.

I was really strong during my first two instance runs, but not any more. What happened?

You have an extra special buff during the first two instances completed below level 65. After that, you’re on your own when facing Manahan’s terrors.

Can I keep my enchanted gear after the event server closes?

Yes, all items and skills you have learned or equipped can be transferred to the regular servers together with your character. This includes enchantments, crystals, etchings, mounts, pets and glyphs. Please also check out the FAQ section on Character Transfers.

Will the TERA Shop be available on Manahan?

Yes, the TERA Shop will also be available on Manahan. However, it may be the case that certain items are unavailable or only in an altered form.

Is my home server going to empty because everyone is playing on Manahan?

Manahan is a limited event server, it will not replace the existing servers. There will also be various events running on the regular servers so that players who aren’t interested in the experimental settings on Manahan still have a great time in TERA.

Why are the descriptions for 30v30 and other settings incorrect?

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to change the text descriptions for Manahan as an individual server. Please note that as a result, certain descriptions in the game will not reflect Manahan’s unique settings.